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Dare To Take A Zipline Beside a Real-Life Godzilla?

Dare To Take A Zipline Beside a Real-Life Godzilla?

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  • A 75-ft-tall Godzilla will soon rise in Japan to be the main attraction of a theme park dedicated to the giant lizard. 
  • Visitors will have a thrilling chance to zip line right inside Godzilla’s giant and monstrous mouth. 

Would someone really pay just to be “swallowed up” by Godzilla? 

These days, it’s not as strange as it sounds. 

A zipline on a real-life Godzilla?

One theme park in Japan has just accomplished a zipline on a real-life Godzilla that was never done before: the largest Godzilla replica to date. 

Zipline on a real-life Godzilla

It can be found at Nijigen no Mori Park, which is located at Awaji Island. 

In this theme park, visitors would have a chance to zip line right inside the mouth of a gigantic 75-ft-tall Godzilla.  

This is a terrific news for Godzilla fans all over the world who aren’t satisfied just to see their giant lizard hero “stucked” on the big screen. 

The recent CGI reincarnation of Godzilla was pretty impressive, but everybody is just itching to see a real-life Godzilla.  

Zooming inside Godzilla’s mouth isn’t the only challenge that visitors should expect when they visit this theme park. 

After zipping down from Godzilla, they would be welcomed by a thrilling shooting game where they need to shoot down “Godzilla cells” to prevent them from growing. 

Though the theme park is indeed impressive, true-blue Godzilla fans have something against its giant Godzilla replica.  

According to them, the park’s Godzilla reincarnation is way too small from the real Godzilla. 

For those of you who have watched last year’s “Godzilla: King of Monsters” movie, you’ll know that the giant lizard measured almost 400 feet long.  

Though the theme park’s Godzilla statue is undoubtedly massive, it only features half of the giant lizard’s body.  

But even with this small hitch, the theme park is still, without a doubt, the best place to experience the excitement of being with Godzilla.  

After experiencing the thrill beside Godzilla, visitors can head straight to the Godzilla museum to see his various dioramas and figurines.  

And this is what great about our giant lizard hero; he can be greatly experienced, not only in big ways but also in small ways. 

After visiting the Godzilla museum, visitors can fill their hungry tummies with Godzilla-themed meals. 

The park serves delicious meals like “Godzilla curry”, which is made with signature and famous onions found in Awaji Island. 

For some sweet desserts, Godzilla ice cream puff with strawberries would surely satisfy visitors’ cravings for something sweet and yummy. 

But as much as we want to visit this theme park today, the “sad” news is, it is still not open to the public. 

It was supposed to open early this year, but due to the global pandemic, the organizers were forced to cancel its opening. 

Fortunately, Godzilla’s lair on planet Earth would eventually be opened to the public this year. 

For visitors aged 12 and above, tickets are priced around $36 or (¥3,800). For five to 11 years old, it would be $20 or (¥2,200). Tickets are free for visitors younger than four! 

Without any question, this theme park would surely be a magnet not just for Godzilla fans, but for everyone who wants to experience some serious thrill. 

Japan really knows how to take care of their homegrown icons and keep them alive, even in the digital age. 

Aside from this giant real-life Godzilla, this country is also gearing up to unveil a new theme park that features a, hold your breath, giant moving Gundam robot! Whoa! 

Since these two theme-parks are going to open this year, maybe a Godzilla-Gundam face-off would be a terrific idea, don’t you think?

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