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Your Gundam Fantasy Is Now A Reality!

Your Gundam Fantasy Is Now A Reality!

gundam fantasy
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  • A 60-foot-tall moving Gundam robot will soon rise in Japan as the main attraction of a new theme park. 

This is just really unbelievable! 

At last, Gundam Fantasy

The world-renowned mech anime is now ready to hop into reality as a real giant robot! 

The 60-foot, 24-ton, and 200-piece Gundam will rise as a centerpiece in a new attraction in Japan called Gundam Factory Yokohama.  

Gundam Fantasy

The real-life Gundam robot was based on the RX-78-2 model, which was first seen in the 1979 anime. 

Just to make it clear, this giant robot is not just a mere static robot, but a giant robot that actually moves! 

Holy mech! 

It can actually pick up its legs to walk, do hand signals, turn its head, bend its knees, and even point to the skies. But how about the ability to blow up other mechs? Sorry, that won’t be included. 

Though it’s a welcome creation we’ve been all craving for, why was this gigantic robot created in the first place? 

Let’s have a closer look. 

Is This Disneyland’s Worst Nightmare?

The giant Gundam was supposed to be unveiled to the public this October 2020 as the centerpiece of a new attraction in Japan called Gundam Factory Yokohama. 

But due to the global pandemic, the organizers were forced to cancel it for everybody’s safety. 

The attraction aims to be a haven for Gundam fans and showcase to the world the rich history and universe of Gundam. 

Aside from the giant mech, the site also has a Gundam-Dock Tower that allows visitors to see the giant robot’s face and body up close! 

Without a doubt, it would be a dream come true for a lot of kids, and yes, including the kids at heart. 

Visitors can also enjoy the stunning Gundam exhibitions and chill in a cafe’ in its Gundam-Lab facility. 

While these things are really exciting, knowing that the attraction is not yet open will surely give everyone a little cringe. 

The Gundam Factory Yokohama has yet to announce its official opening to the public. 

The Giant Gundam’s Completion 

Unlike the toy Gundam which can be assembled in a mere hour, this giant Gundam took six years just to complete!  

Its planning and construction started way back in 2014 and were made using steel and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. 

Also, the organizers want to be as accurate as possible with the details of their Gundam mech.

That is why they brought non-other than the creator of the Gundam series, Yoshiyuki Tomino, to be the project’s general director! 

One other interesting fact about the robot’s completion is that this high-tech giant mech was also infused with the Japanese’s age-old tradition.  

Upon its completion, Shinto priests were called to purify the Gundam’s giant head before being installed in its body.  

It’s a nod to the Japanese tradition called Jotoshiki, which is a roof-laying ceremony to mark the completion of a new building.  

Who Knew That It Would Be Possible? 

Though the giant Gundam’s size is literally staggering, it was already a GIANT even before it became a real-life giant mech. 

Since its first appearance on Japanese television in 1979, it evolved as an anime icon, not just in Japan, but throughout the world. 

From dominating the television, it also evolved into manga, video games, and of course, its very well-loved action figures.  

It has carved its own special place in history as one of the most successful animations in the world. 

And now, it will ‘wow’ us once again by coming out of its fictional skin to be a real-life giant robot that we all want it to be.  

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