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From Being a Janitor To Becoming a Registered Nurse: A Woman’s Inspiring Leap To Success

From Being a Janitor To Becoming a Registered Nurse: A Woman’s Inspiring Leap To Success

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  • A former hospital janitor became an official nurse in the same hospital she once cleaned every day. 

What An Inspiring Leap To Success

No dream is big enough for someone who is truly determined to grasp it with both hands. 

That’s what Jaines Andrades had clearly shown when she finally achieved her dream of being a registered nurse. 

This is a noble profession and, without a doubt, plays a critical role in a time when the world is going through a pandemic. 

But what makes her achievement even more special has something to do with her past — in her past job, to be exact. 

Before being a registered nurse, Andrades started as a janitor in Baystate Medical in Springfield, California. 

But even if she started at this kind of job, her hopes of being one of the medical professionals of that hospital someday has never faded — not even once. 

Every single day, as she dutifully cleans the different areas of that hospital, she never lost focus on her big dream, even if it was still too far from her at that time. 

Andrades knows that this big dream would require a big commitment (and long years of hardwork) before she can even realize it. 

But she has always been ready for any challenges she had to face, no matter how big they are. 

And indeed, the challenges were big. 

It took Andrades a whole decade of hardwork, determination, perseverance, and faith to achieve her dream of becoming a registered nurse. 

But it turns out that her dream was actually more than just a career change. What really drove her to reach for her dream was her innate desire to extend her love, care, and intimacy to the patients. 

The ten years she had spent for her dream was finally paid off because, at last, she finally achieved her dream of becoming a registered nurse! 

inspiring leap to success

From being a janitor, she took a very big leap in her career and became a Baystate nurse, and finally, a nurse practitioner! 

But even with that big leap, Andrades would never (ever) be ashamed of where she came from. 

In fact, she posted on Facebook all of her three IDs from the Baystate hospital: A janitor ID, a registered Nurse ID, and her new Practitioner Trauma surgery ID. 

These three IDs encapsulates her life’s big progress and her unwavering dedication to achieve her dream. 

Andrades proudly wears all of these three IDs every day at work, because, for her, these three IDs does not only serve as her identifications, it also serves as her badges. 

But what’s really great about her is that even with her big achievement, she still doesn’t forget the importance of humility. 

Andrades still makes it a point to highlight the importance of the cleaning personnel, not just in the Baystate hospital, but in all hospitals. According to her, if not for these people, she couldn’t possibly do her job properly.” 

She’s also happy that because of her story, she was able to inspire a lot of people. 

Andrade hopes that through her achievement, many would be motivated to believe in themselves that they can achieve the things they’re dreaming off. 

Of course, everything would be hard at first, but through dedication, determination, and passion, every single dream is achievable. And Andrades is the living example of this fact. 

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