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A woman went viral after calling out to men with gynophobia issues on TikTok

A woman went viral after calling out to men with gynophobia issues on TikTok

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  • A teenaged lady from Arizona thought that her plate was already full about the men who are hoping that they won’t have a daughter.
  • It somehow became normal for today’s society to argue about discrimination and oppression of rights and most people are becoming more and more of a critique and tend to judge each other’s cultural being.

Emma is a 17-year-old senior high school from Arizona who thought that she’d had enough of men who have what she considered “gynophobia”.

Because of her rage, she posted a TikTok video calling out males on the app after they said that they;

hope they don’t have a daughter.

In the posted video clip, Emma gives details that she is extremely tired of “boys saying they hope they don’t have a daughter”.

It is because the boys are becoming wary that their future daughters might wear a bathing suit or even just have a pair of breasts.

Emma speaking up!

The young lady is pertaining to a trend where men will either leave a comment or conduct a duet with a woman’s TikTok post, specifically a lot of under aged females.

She then goes on her explanation on why she would actually be afraid of having a daughter.

Emma said that she is scared to have a daughter because she might go out in fear of her life because of the modern gynophobia culture imposed by the sons of today’s generation.

Emma is scared to have a daughter.

Because of the thought that her daughter has to go through what she went through as somebody’s female child, because of these sons. She added that she’s afraid to have a daughter because one day she (her future child) might feel like she does not have any control of her own body because the sons of today’s peers couldn’t control theirs.

According to Emma, she is afraid to have a daughter because she might be hesitant to voice out her thoughts because the future sons’ football scholarship is far more important than her child’s safety as well as the safety of other girls.

So, how about instead of hoping and praying that you don’t have a daughter, you go ahead and realize why you don’t have a daughter, and that’s because you are scared of other boys looking at her the way that you look at girls today.

Emma stated with a strong desire to raise awareness. Followed by

And that’s all,

as her closing remarks.

Emma, a 17-year-old senior high school student has gained a lot of praise and support for speaking on behalf of all oppressed young ladies.



Say it louder for the people in the back!

As commented on her post. A random person also left a comment saying that he’s scared to have a son because he is afraid that his son will hurt girls just like 99% of the men in this world.

In this phenomenon, we can say that discrimination against ladies is still existing up until today.

As several women (and some of the men) supported Emma’s statements, it is quite enough to justify the hardships of a woman in the eyes of a judgmental society.

It is just a sad story that these silencing methods are rampant especially in social media platforms where a lot of people are open to see.

All people need freedom.

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