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Wanted: A Bride Who’s NOT Addicted On Social Media. Are You The One?

Wanted: A Bride Who’s NOT Addicted On Social Media. Are You The One?

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  • A bachelor posted a newspaper ad saying that he was searching for a bride who is not addicted to social media.  
  • The newspaper ad was tweeted by someone and became viral on the web. 

What would you want in a bride? 

If you ask this man who posted a matrimonial ad in an Indian newspaper, he wants someone who is “not addicted to social media.” 

Wanted Bride

Whew. In this day and age, that one requirement will pose as a real challenge for singles out there. 

This ad came from someone who’s name is Chatterjee, a 37-year-old man who is seeking for a lifetime partner. 

His ad wasn’t supposed to be a hilarious one, but an IAS officer in India has picked up the humor in Chatterjee’s requirement.  

And to provide a light moment for everyone, the officer decided to tweet it. 

The next thing he knew, netizens were rolling on their floors, and flooding his comment section with hilarious statements.  

What A Refreshing “Wanted Bride” Ad! 

What netizens love about this matrimonial ad is its unintended and light humor.

Matrimonial ads in the past (especially in India) were heavily criticized because of their offensive contents and requirements. 

Past ads were usually regressive and sexist, but at last, one man may ‘change’ these unwanted trends once and for all. 

Actually, Chatterjee’s unusual requirement came last in his list of other criteria.  

He starts his ad by saying that he is “handsome”, fair, and non-addicted. 

He also claims that he is a lawyer, advocate in the high court, yoga practitioner, and researcher. 

He followed it with the specific things he is looking for in a bride. 

He said that she must be fair, beautiful, tall, and slim. 

And last but not the least: Someone who’s not addicted to social media.  

One can only guess if there would be any fitting candidates for the hopeful man given his “highly tough” criteria. 

Maybe you are the one he’s looking for, don’t you think? 

The Netizens’ Reactions 

Though the bachelor’s requirement amused the netizens, they were skeptical if Chatterjee would ever find the woman he is searching for. 

Netizens had been busy ‘dissecting’ the requirements that the bachelor posted in a newspaper ad, which includes a woman who is tall, slim, and beautiful. 

As a response, one user sarcastically replied that he had found a perfect match — and sent a photo of a heron.  

(Tall, slim and beautiful, isn’t it?)

Another netizen commented and asked: “Is this window shopping in a mall for some mannequin?” 

With Chatterjee’s search for a seemingly perfect bride, one user got straight to the point by saying: “That’s why he’s still a bachelor at 37.” 

Another netizen can’t help but say: “I think he should leave planet Earth.” 

A Light Moment For Everyone 

One thing’s for sure, Mr. Chatterjee’s newspaper ad was not meant to be hilarious.  

But one man was able to find a hidden humor in his ad, which he believes can resonate with everybody — and he was right. 

The goal of the tweeted ad was not meant to ridicule, but to give everyone a light moment and a break from every day’s negativities. 

If there is any chance that Mr. Chatterjee would see this tweet, he will surely find it really amusing.

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