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Indian Prime Minister Was Amazed by the School’s Virtual Reality Graduation

Indian Prime Minister Was Amazed by the School’s Virtual Reality Graduation

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  • A premier engineering school in India created a Virtual Reality Graduation for their graduation rites. 
  • The virtual reality graduation ceremony is composed of students and officials’ realistic avatars. 

The global pandemic has literally changed everything. 

No single industry was spared from the sweeping effects of the coronavirus, including the educational sector. 

One part of education that was heavily affected by the pandemic is the students’ graduation rites. 

Virtual Reality Graduation

Since mass gatherings are now strongly prohibited, countless schools and universities have no choice but to permanently cancel this event. 

No one is actually complaining about these cancellations, since it’s a precautionary measure to protect everyone from the virus. 

But students in different parts of the world can’t help but feel disappointed that they would miss this anticipated event. 

Some have tried virtual solutions like tapping the power of Facebook Live as an alternative for the cancelled graduation rites. 

It’s a good solution, but … it’s not as close as to what students can feel on the actual rites. 

But how can students be provided with a realistic graduation experience while protecting their health at the same time? 

One premier engineering school in India had a lightbulb moment about this problem and have come up with a fantastic solution! 

But what solution could this be? 

Closer to Graduation Experience

A university in India has created a solution for the clamor to provide students with realistic graduation experience.  

This university is the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), one of the most prestigious engineering universities in India. 

It is known for producing Silicon Valley titans such as Google CEO Sundar Pichai. 

With this fact, it is no wonder why a fantastic virtual solution for graduation rites came right inside their halls! 

And this is it! Virtual Reality Graduation

The university has created a virtual reality version of their graduation rites, complete with 2,000 avatars of their students!  

The students’ virtual graduation was broadcasted on 2 Indian TV channels, on YouTube and Facebook Live.  

The most stunning feature of this solution is its realistic representation of the university’s graduation ceremony. 

It was so well-loved by everybody that no less than Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his satisfaction. 

He congratulated the university through a Tweet, hailing it as a wonderful combination of tradition and technology.  

Indian Institute of Technology Director Subhasis Chaudhuri was also pleased with their virtual graduation ceremony’s results. 

Through this virtual solution, the university has showcased its capability to produce advanced tech-based solutions.  

Their virtual graduation ceremony was even honest enough to show the balding head of the university’s director! Talk about being so realistic! 

One of a Kind Experience for Students 

At last, even with various health protocols, these university students had a chance to experience their most anticipated graduation.  

It may not be the usual ceremonies they used to experience, but it’s a symbolic capping of their university journey. 

This solution has now set the standard for future solutions that would deal with the limitations created by the pandemic.

Indeed an amazing idea. Check this for another amazing story.

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