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The Unexpected Source That Took Down A Village’s Internet Connection

The Unexpected Source That Took Down A Village’s Internet Connection

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  • A whole village’s internet connection was distorted daily for more than a year by a very unexpected source. 

There is a mystery going on in a peaceful village in Wales, United Kingdom. 

For more than a year, the residents of Aberhosan village are experiencing an unusual event every morning. 

At exactly 7 am every morning — every single day — the village’s broadband internet connection always goes down.  

When this bizarre thing has consistently occurred for more than a year, one village resident finally decided to step in. 

village's internet connection

Is There a Conspiracy Going On village’s internet connection? 

Michael Jones, a local engineer, wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery. If no one would step in, then this strange thing might reach another year without ever getting solved.  

That’s why he asked for the help of experts from the engineering team of Openreach, the village’s broadband service provider.  

Jones and these engineers would play as ‘detectives’ for a while to unlock the strange thing that is happening in Aberhosan village.  

The first thing they did is closely inspect the service provider’s network in the area, and they found nothing wrong.  

They even go to the length of replacing all the cables in the village just to stop the bizarre thing from occurring again.  

But on the next day, at exactly 7 am, the village’s broadband connection fell down … again. 

All their initial efforts were put in vain, but instead of being frustrated, the team of engineers came up with a theory.  

According to them, the source of the problem might be a phenomenon called Single High-Level Impulse Noise or SHINE.  

This happens when an appliance releases electrical interferences that negatively impact a nearby broadband connection. 

Following The ‘Breadcrumbs’ 

After their previous attempts to solve the village’s mystery, they decided to restart again. This time, they will make the SHINE theory as their starting point. 

They used a device called a Spectrum Analyzer, and literally explored every area in the village to locate an ‘electrical noise.’  

And one morning, at exactly 7 am, they were able to detect an unusual burst of electrical interference.  

At last, the hidden culprit will be finally pinned down! But the question is, who is really behind this mystery? 

The engineers followed the source of the electric noise, and this noise brought them to a certain property in the village. 

The Culprit, Unmasked! 

It turns out that the culprit behind this bizarre thing is nothing but an old and dusty … TV. 

Far from being a criminal, far from being a conspirator. 

The owner of the TV set was so ashamed to learn that his old TV is what caused the village’s year-long problem.  

Without any hesitation, the TV owner agreed to turn it off (and) not use it again — for good. 

After this incident, the village’s daily headache has finally ended, at last!

Bizarre But Not Bizarre 

At first glance, what happened to the village of Aberhosan might be a strange thing — but it isn’t. 

According to Suzanne Rutherford, Openreach’s chief engineer lead in Wales, the village incident is more common than we think.  

She shared that every thinkable item with electrical components (even outdoor lights!) can potentially affect a broadband connection. 

Indeed, these things must be noted well, or we might risk taking down our village’s broadband connection, yikes!
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