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‘Uneducated’ Parents Were Able To Produce 2 Medical Professionals

‘Uneducated’ Parents Were Able To Produce 2 Medical Professionals

Nitesh Jaiswal with his family
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  • Poverty didn’t prevent Indian parents from helping their two sons obtain college degrees. 

There is no easy way from the earth to the stars.” 

Seneca The Younger

Everybody wants to get out of poverty, but not everybody is willing to pay the price for this freedom. 

But this uneducated parents from India have proved their willingness to pay the big price of a decent life. 

Not only they gave everything they have, but they also gave more than what they have. 

These are the heroic parents of Nitesh Jaiswal, whose story is now inspiring India and the rest of the world.  

Jaiswal had a very rough start in life, but his parents never left him and his brother behind. 

The reason why his story has quickly inspired millions all over the world is because of its impact on people.  

He may be an Indian, but his incredible story bypasses any nationalities and beliefs because millions share the same story as his.  

“Uneducated and Underprivileged” 

Nitesh Jaiswal’s parents have never finished college, and the entire family lived in poverty as long as they can remember. 

According to him, his parents may be uneducated and underprivileged, but their unparalleled sacrifices for him and his brother are enough to make them exceptional. 

His father works in a factory and spends his working hours doing menial jobs. This is the best that his father can do given that he didn’t have any college degree of his own.  

But new misfortunes for the family arise when Jaiswal’s father was involved in an accident in the factory. 

As a consequence, he lost his three fingers, but the more painful thing is he was fired without receiving any compensation. 

Without having anyone to work for the family, Jaiswal’s mother took over and did a lot of odd jobs just to make ends meet.  

uneducated parents

His mother did these things willingly, but it didn’t sit well with her family. 

In fact, they did everything to convince her in leaving her husband, saying that she won’t have a decent life with him.  

But Jaiswal still remembers how his mother stood by his father’s side despite their pity situation. 

And this kind of selfless love is what inspired him and his brother to never give up on the big challenges they are facing.  

Hope In The Midst of Challenges 

Their family’s challenges continued when they moved into a rented ‘chawl’. ‘Chawl’ is a type of residential building that is commonly found in India. 

There, they met unfriendly neighbors who love to ridicule their pity situation and often cause trouble and headaches for them. 

He and his brother have tried their best to study their lessons despite the deliberate distractions their neighbors are doing.  

As much as they want to leave that place, they would not afford to move into another place again.

The troubles that their neighbors did get worse when they found out that he and his brother are so close to being medical professionals. 

They became so nasty that the day before their entrance examination, they tried to prevent the brothers from going to the examination by causing trouble. 

Their neighbors blamed their family for a certain water leakage which caused serious trouble.  

The incident caused the whole family to be locked up, but he and his brother begged for bail just to take the examination.

Fortunately, both of them were allowed for bail. 

A Good Story, Atlast

Fast forward today, the two brothers finally have a good story to tell. 

Jaiswal’s brother now has a Bachelors’s Degree in Dental Surgery, while Nitesh Jaiswal is currently working as a research associate for COVID-19. 

Nitesh delightfully shared that, at last, he and his brother can now finally support their family. 

They are still living on their rented tenement, but both of them are now saving to move into a more decent place. 

As they look back, the Jaiswal brothers are so grateful that their parents never gave up on their education.

If not for their sacrifices, they wouldn’t be able to reach their dream of being medical professionals. 

Their life is a living testimony that there is a way out of poverty — but that way, of course, won’t be easy. 

Big dreams require an equally BIG price, which is composed of dedication, determination, passion and resilience.  

With these things, everybody can certainly achieve their dreams, no matter how far it can be. 

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