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UN-Identical Twins. Yes, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes.

UN-Identical Twins. Yes, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes.

UN-Identical Twins
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  • Meet the twins that are so different from each other; no one would even think they are related. 

You would not even think that these people exist. 

Two sisters in the United Kingdom have gained a lot of attention recently because of their unbelievable traits.  

Meet Lucy and Mary Aylmer, twins that are totally different from each other!

And when we say totally, we mean t-o-t-a-l-l-y. 

From their face, hair, complexions, down to their eye colors– are all different, but yes, they are twins!  

The Aylmer sisters are so different from each other that NO ONE would even think that they are related. 

People would always be surprised (eyes wide, brows raised) whenever they present themselves as twins. 

But these people (including you and I) were not the first ones who were surprised by Lucy and Mary’s unbelievable relation.

When The Twins Were Born 

Around 1996, Donna and Vince Aylmer were thrilled to know that their family will have a new member.  

But Donna’s first check-up and ultrasound revealed an even more thrilling news — what she currently has are actually twins! 

With their current three kids back then, it would be the first time that Donna and Vince will have twins.  

Both of them thought that this was the most surprising news they will ever receive. But the real “bombshell” news is yet to arrive. 

It was when the twins were delivered on January 16, 1997, that brought them another surprise (and shock). The baby twins are totally different from each other! Even Donna’s midwife was confused and had to take a second look. 

The first one, which they named Lucy, has a pearly white complexion, blue eyes, and blonde hair. While the other one, which they named Maria, has sun-kissed skin, brown eyes, and darker hair. 

The two babies were obviously lovely, but their stark differences bring everyone into a question of how this could even happen?

Will They Soon Pursue Different Paths? 

After Donna saw her two lovely babies, she promised that they would love them as much as she loved her three kids.  

But she also knew that someday, Lucy and Mary would have to endure the challenges of their differences. 

As soon as the twins were brought home, Donna did her best to treat Lucy and Maria as twins (as they should be). 

While the two babies are growing, she always makes it a point to provide them with matching dresses wherever they go. 

The twins, with their matching dresses, were always given a confused look by the strangers they meet. 

But despite their differences, Donna did her best to treat both of them with the best love she can give.  

As the twins reached the age of seven, their fascination to wear the same clothes grew pale.  

They told their mother that they don’t want to wear the same clothes anymore, which Donna willingly accepted.  

It also started the twins’ journey to finally explore their own interests in life and develop their contrasting ideologies.  

What is The Science Behind The Twins’ Differences? 

One thing’s for sure, not one of them is adopted — and Science can explain the twin’s fascinating difference.  

Lucy and Mary are not just twins; in their case, they are officially called ‘BiRacial Twins.’  

Biracial twins can only be born if their parents came from different races and ethnicities.  

And guess what? The twin’s parents, Donna and Vince, clearly fits the bill! 

A surprising fact about this story is that Donna is biracial herself, being half Jamaican and half white. While her husband Vince comes from Caucasian descent. 

These “cocktails” of races and ethnicities made it possible for the lovely biracial twins Lucy and Maria to come into existence.  

Where Are Lucy and Maria Now? 

Since the twins decided to stop wearing the same outfits, they’ve come a long on their search for their own identities.  

Today, Lucy has already discovered her creative side and is now taking up an art and creative course to further develop her talents. While Mary is currently studying a law degree, which is a manifestation of her more practical side.  

Un-Identical Twins

Lucy and Maria are obviously different from each other, from their physical appearance, characters, and even with their career paths.  

But as they grew up, they’ve learned to love each other’s differences, which strengthened their bond even more. 

And one promise they made to each other is that they will always be on each other’s back– no matter what it takes.

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