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The Man Who Changed a Hundred Lives Despite of Poverty

The Man Who Changed a Hundred Lives Despite of Poverty

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  • Education is a treasure that can never be stolen by anyone. It is said that education is the key to success.
  • Learn from the story of a man who didn’t get the luck in terms of education and how he changed the lives of a hundred listeners.

Education is defined as a wealth that could be passed down to all of us by our parents. On the other hand, education is somehow considered as a privilege for people who can afford it. This story will teach us a valuable lesson that achieving success is limitless.

The man named William Kamkwaba was born in the small town of Malawi, South Eastern Africa, on August 5, 1987. He has six siblings and his family’s only source of income is farming. In 2001, the town of Malawi faced a huge scarcity for food, making his family become one of the most affected citizens.

In a span of 5 months, his family faced a severe test of life and hunger. They even ended up eating just once a day. Amidst of misfortune, William decided to pursue his studies with high hopes of winning against the path of poverty.

When he reached Secondary School

The tuition wasn’t for free anymore. Because of this, William had no choice but to halt his dreams. Instead of books and pens, he held vegetables and sickle. However, William has a lot of will to achieve his goal. Whenever he looked at their parching land, a thought always came to his mind to not let his dreams go dry too. He knew it was impossible for him to continue his studies again and that’s why he thought of other ways.

He went to libraries to research science, particularly in physics.

He barely understood the books’ contents because those were all written in English and are not familiar to him. Nevertheless, the difficulty didn’t stop William from seeking knowledge. He used the diagrams and photos indicated in the books to somehow grasp the gist of the subject.

During one of his rounds, he saw a book that captivated his attention.

Windmill could pump water and generate electricity.

As he saw the keywords ‘Pump Water’, his first thought pertained to irrigation, which could also provide solutions on their current problem about their dried farm and their starvation.

As he went home, he thought of trying to create a windmill and see if it really works for pumping water but he neither knew how to make one nor did he know where to find the materials needed for his project. He planned hard on how to craft a windmill and when he finally learned how, he went to a dumpsite to find recyclable objects that he can use. He shared his plans to everyone but all he got in return were ridicules. Even his mother didn’t believe and called him insane.

“He didn’t stop anyway.”

He saw a fan, PVC pipes, shock absorber, bicycle frame and dynamo.

He devotedly assembled the materials every day. He became fascinated when he tested his project on a bulb and it worked. He added 4 lights, switch, circuit breaker and water pump engine. He gained his neighbor’s respect and amazement upon his discovery.

This proves that learning can make the impossible possible.

Watch William Kamkwamba story:

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