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Teenage Prime Minister Takes Over Finland

Teenage Prime Minister Takes Over Finland

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  • Finland has allowed a 16-year-old-teenager to be its Prime Minister for a day as part of its campaign to promote girls’ rights. 

Ever seen a teenager taking over a country? 

Well, in Finland, this sight is not as unusual as it sounds. 

Finland Teenage Prime Minister In A Day

The Finnish government has pulled out a delighting surprise by letting a 16-year-old teenage girl takeover as its Prime Minister for a day.  

teenage prime minister

This lucky girl was Aava Murto, a resident of Vaasky in Southern Finland. 

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin decided to hand over the job to Murto for a day to promote girls’ rights in Finland. 

The country has an impressive track record in international gender equality comparisons. But the fact cannot be denied that Finland must work harder to represent more women in its various industries.  

And Murto delightfully accepted the PM job to help push this campaign even further. 

Prime Minister For A Day 

As the lovely teenage girl faced the media as the country’s Prime Minister, she cheerfully said that she was having an exciting day so far. 

One surprising fact about Murto is, despite her age, she is already active in campaigning for climate and human rights issues.  

No wonder she was handpicked by Finland’s Prime Minister herself as a worthy “successor” for the PM post. 

The teenage girl, on her day as the country’s Prime Minister, has met with the chancellor of justice, members of the parliament, and the minister for development and foreign trade.  

The Teenage’s Message To The World 

The young Aava Murto never wasted her chance in the spotlight and used this chance to send an important message to everybody.  

In her statement, she said: “Girls need to realize more how important they are, and how they are just as good at technology as boys.” 

She also added: “I think young people could teach adults to be more innovative and think about the future.” 

These messages are indeed inspiring and have surely resonated, not only with girls like her but also with women all over the world. 

Part of a Bigger Global Campaign 

Finland’s “job swap” is part of a bigger global campaign called “Girls Takeover, spearheaded by Plan International, a children’s right charity. It also coincides with the United Nation’s own campaign called International Day of the Girl.

UN’s campaign also allows girls from Kenya, Peru, Sudan, and Vietnam to take over as Prime Ministers to spread the message of their rights to their respective countries. 

But the trend of allowing girls to take over high posts does not end with governments. This wonderful way of promoting girls’ rights was also embraced by corporate sectors in various parts of the world. 

Tech giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Samsung have also allowed teenage girls to take over their senior jobs to drive the global campaign even further. 

The Finnish Girl’s “Political Plans” 

Aava Maruto obviously had an exciting day as her country’s Prime Minister for a day. 

Aside from meeting some of Finland’s high-ranking officials, she has also learned new things about her country’s legislation. 

Since she already had a taste of what it’s like to be her country’s Prime Minister, Maruto was asked if she has any plans to be Finland’s real Prime Minister in the future. 

The giddy teenager cheerfully answered: “It’s not up to me to decide that, but possibly, yeah!” 

And if she ever chooses that path in the future, Prime Minister Sanna Marin would surely be delighted to support her. 

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