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Creative Teen Uses ‘Unexpected Gadgets’ When Mom Confiscated Her Phone

Creative Teen Uses ‘Unexpected Gadgets’ When Mom Confiscated Her Phone

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  • A teenage girl allegedly used unexpected gadgets like smart fridge to use Twitter when her mom confiscated her phone. 
  • She also used her Nintendo DS and Wii just to make updates for her Twitter followers. 

Call it ‘survival instincts’. 

A 15-year-old teen from Kentucky, USA had a major dilemma that any teens would consider a nightmare: A confiscated phone.  

Dorothy, which is only known by her first name, was, in her own words, so ‘mortified’ with what her mom did.  

It was a punishment for her when she caused a little fire in their home. 

Dorothy was boiling rice in a stove one night and was too busy with her phone that she didn’t notice that the stove is already bursting into flames. 

Her mother, who also ‘burst into flames’ with what happened, quickly confiscated her phone to teach her to be more aware of her surroundings. 

As a Twitter lover, this was a ‘major setback’ for the teen, as she can’t make any updates anymore.  

But in what could be described as a ‘modern-day survival instincts’, the teen had thought of a sneaky way to continue her Twitter updates.  

And this ‘little covert mission’ of hers has earned her a lot of fans, including Twitter and LG Electronics themselves.  

No Phone? No Problem! 

With her phone confiscated, the creative teen has used an unlikely device to update her Twitter account: her Nintendo DS

She sent a “teary-eyed” goodbye to her followers by tweeting: 

im leaving forever, my mom took my phone. ill miss u all sm. im crying. goodbye.

dorothy (@thankunext327)
unexpected gadgets

But her mother eventually discovered her daughter’s ‘dirty trick’ and have confiscated her Nintendo DS, too. 

Her mother apparently tweeted on the device and said: 

I’ve seen that Dorothy has been using Twitter on her Nintendo. This account will be shutdown.

And it seems that our “hero’s” courage is being tested in her “quest” to update her Twitter followers daily. 

In another act of “bravery” (or rather creativity), Dorothy has managed to use another unlikely device to tweet: Her Nintendo Wii.  

The teen girl was so thrilled to discover that she can actually use her gaming console to update her Twitter account. And she excitedly made an update to her followers:

hey guys omg. my mom is at work so i’m looking for my phone. wish me luck. love u.

The creative teen was able to find her Nintendo DS again but had no luck in finding her phone. 

When Dorothy was using her DS to tweet again, it was, unfortunately, “recaptured” by her mom. 

Her Nintendo Wii was also confiscated. 

And the next thing she did is something that you and I would not even expect her to do– tweet on the fridge! 

Ice Cold Tweet 

With no internet-enabled devices to lean on, it seems that Dorothy would not be able to use her Twitter anymore. 

But she suddenly had a lightbulb moment! 

She remembered that there is one device left in her home, which she can use to access the web. 

And it is something that her mom cannot possibly confiscate– their Smart Refrigerator. 

Trying her luck, she utilized their LG Smart Fridge’s voice command feature to make a tweet. 

And Dorothy was successful! 

In her “fridge tweet”, she said: 

I do not know if this is going to tweet I am talking to my fridge what the heck my Mom confiscated all of my electronics again.

Her Twitter followers were so impressed by her creativity and were thrilled to retweet her fridge-generated tweet.  

It became a viral tweet and earned Dorothy a larger fan base on the web. It also prompted the hashtag #freedorothy, a call to bring the teenage girl back to the internet again.

It became so viral that Twitter and LG Electronics can’t help but tweet the same hashtag. 

Is This For Real? 

Days after the fridge tweet became viral, a growing number of computer experts are casting doubts on its authenticity.  

With this, it seems that Dorothy has been hiding some skeletons in the closet, or in this case, inside the fridge.  

Experts have initially reviewed Dorothy’s tweets that were made using her Nintendo DS and Wii. 

According to them, by looking at the metadata of these tweets, it confirms that all these tweets really came from the two Nintendo devices. 

But they were all skeptical from the tweet that was claimed to be made using a Smart Fridge. 

Experts agree that the LG Smart Fridge tweet was faked. 

They said that a tweet’s Source Label, which indicates the device used in making a tweet,

can be easily faked using a custom application. 

Modern Day Dilemma 

Teens all over the world can certainly relate to what Dorothy has gone through. 

In an age where updating social media status rivals the importance of breathing and eating, a confiscated phone is truly a ‘scary’ thing.  

But on the other side, parents can surely relate to the mom’s disciplinary action. 

It was her motherly love that prompted her to confiscate her daughter’s phone to teach her an important lesson. 

As Dorothy caused a little fire in their home because of her obsession with her phone, she must realize that her habit might cause further danger. 

Dorothy’s mom knew that confiscating her daughter’s phone would cause friction, but it was her love that prompted her to take this disciplinary action. 

This is also the important side of the story we should take a look at. 

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