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Tangled up 40 ft humpback whale got saved by residents on Thanksgiving!

Tangled up 40 ft humpback whale got saved by residents on Thanksgiving!

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  • A 40 ft humpback whale got tangled near Tenakee Springs.
  • Residents rush to see what happened to the creature.
  • Were they able to save the whale’s life?

Residents hear the crying and mourn of an animal on the night before Thanksgiving.

40 ft humpback whale

On the day before Thanksgiving, when everyone was asleep after having a good meal, In the middle of the night, something was happening in the Chichagof Island town just near Tenakee Springs.

Everyone heard the sound of morn and sad voices of an animal, probably a considerable animal as they all could listen to it.

The locals woke up to see what’s going on, and then three people who had different statements about the voices arrived at the scene. 

A 40 Ft Humpback Whale got found tangled up.

Where they saw a vast humpback 40 ft whale tangled up in the tanner crab pot gear, the Alaska Public Media posted this article in which it tells more about the incident.

The resident told Alaska Public Media that whales getting stuck in any trap is rare to see in Alaska. In total, ten whales rarely get spotted in the town, and one or two of them get tangled up.

While that happens, sometimes it’s needed to help those whales to make sure they stay alive. The three residents Lewis, Stern, and Chew who were there first started trying to save whales’ lives. 

Lewis and Chew reached out the whale in a skiff, and Stern followed them in a support boat. After a while, they put a waterproof camera to see how bad the whale got tangled up.

How did they helped the whale?

All three have entirely experienced these kinds of entanglement, and they started taking pics and videos and consulted the NOAA for support.

However, it was not an easy task; both Chew And Lewis stated that they had witnessed the most experienced people getting killed while freeing a whale. So they started calling for backup, and as soon as the other boats for help arrived, it was already the morning of Thanksgiving.

So they started trying to save the whale and started cutting the wires and ropes. At first, they cut down the man crab pot, which was the most decadent thing weighing the whale down. After that, the whale started to move. However, it still was not free.

Chew started following the whale and kept trying to cut it open. After failing countless times, they were finally able to cut the buoy by its tail when they arrived at the rough waters of Chatham.

What happened to the whale?

Right at the time of Thanksgiving, the whale was set free and took a dive in and left. However, the whale still had one buoy tangle to its mouth. Hopefully, that whale will be able to get it off somehow and get better soon.

Everyone wants to know that if the whale got saved, but unless someone spots a humpback whale near the southeast of Alaska, it’s hard to say what happens to the whale who got tangled up.

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