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An Inspiring Story of a Taco Bell Employee Who Saved a Man’s Life

An Inspiring Story of a Taco Bell Employee Who Saved a Man’s Life

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  • Taco Bell Employee night shift manager saved a man’s life by performing CPR. 
  • She encourages everyone to learn CPR so they can also save lives during unexpected situations. 

Not all heroes hide in fancy headquarters; sometimes, they can be found in a nearby TacoBell restaurant.  

But nope, TacoBell hasn’t changed business by turning itself as a training ground for superheroes. 

But an unexpected incident one morning has revealed the real hero inside one of their employees.  

This unexpected hero is Sonja Nixon Frazier, a night shift manager at a Taco Bell restaurant in Clarksville, Tennessee.  

She usually doesn’t work in the morning but decided to stay at the restaurant since her boss needed her help.  

Little did she know that other than her boss, “someone” would also be needing her help that morning.  

Who Else Might Be Needing Her That Day? 

When Sonja was staying in the restaurant that morning, she and her coworkers noticed something unusual. 

They saw a car driving in the wrong direction, which gave them a feeling that there might be something wrong. 

And they were right. 

What they found out was more than just a wrong thing, but a very alarming incident. 

But nope, there’s no need to call the cops. In fact, what they needed to call that time were the paramedics. 

One of Sonja’s coworkers saw a man slumped over the driving wheel and badly needed medical help. 

Both of them wasted no time and immediately pulled the man out of the car. 

One of Sonja’s coworkers quickly called 911 to hail much needed first responders as soon as possible. 

Little did he know that the “first responder” they needed that time was just standing beside him.  

And it was non-other than Sonja. 

Taco Bell Employee To The Rescue 

It turns out that before working for Taco Bell, Sonja had a six-year experience as a healthcare worker. 

Those experiences flashbacked as she saw the poor man in such a critical condition. 

The man’s fingertips, ears, and lips were all blue, and his pulse obviously isn’t telling any good signs.

Without wasting any time, Sonja flipped the man over and performed a CPR on to him. 

Sonja knew that she needed to “buy” this man more time while the responders were rushing to the scene. 

It took her 11-minutes to perform the CPR which provided the man with a much-needed lifeline to survive. After that, the responders arrived and took over the incident. 

Taco Bell Employee

Before parting with Sonja, the man grabbed her arm as a way of expressing his gratitude for what she did.  

It was only then that Sonja was able to breathe a sigh of relief. 

Talk about an unusual morning! 

A Closer Look At The New Hero 

Sonja has two children who serve as her inspiration to be an example to everybody every single day.  

She knew how precious life is; that’s why she’s always been willing to save other people’s lives. 

But there is one more driving force behind this desire, and that is her battle with her health. 

It turns out that Sonja is suffering from a rare lung disease called sarcoidosis. 

But what makes this disease more critical is that it puts her health at risk from the Coronavirus.  

She admitted that she was scared to expose herself carelessly in different environments and with other people. With her pre-existing condition that exposes her to the risks of Coronavirus, she should be. 

But she immediately threw out all the cautions in the air just to save that man who desperately needed her.

It was a “gamble” that finally paid off in the end. 

She bought that man enough time before the first responders can arrive and attend to him properly.  

But Sonja wasn’t satisfied just to see the man being brought inside an ambulance. 

Wanting to check if he was really okay, she contacted the man through Facebook to get an update on him.  

She was able to get his name by seeing his driver’s licence when her coworker was trying to identify him. 

Sonja was delighted that the man responded and said that he is in good condition right now. 

He even offered to reward Sonja for what she did, but the lady hero humbly turned down the offer.  

She said that the only reward she is expecting is to see him alive again and in good health.  

The man then promised to see her in person one day to thank her personally. 

What Sonja Wants You To Do 

With this incident, Sonja encouraged everybody to take a first aid class. 

She stressed that by taking this class, we can be equipped with skills that can actually save lives. 

Since no one knows when and where critical situations can happen, it is best to learn this kind of skill.

By learning the key skills of first aid response, you can surely save a life in the most unexpected situation.

Not all heroes hide in fancy headquarters; sometimes, they can be found in a nearby TacoBell restaurant.

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