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Stunning Artworks Painted Through a Lady’s Eyes!

Stunning Artworks Painted Through a Lady’s Eyes!

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  • Stunning Artworks of a lady with a paralyzed body produces beautiful paintings using her eyes. 
  • EyeGaze technology brings hope to people with paralyzed bodies to interact with the world again. 

Countless artworks have captivated humans’ eyes and senses throughout the ages. 

These artworks may have varied forms and messages, but they have all shown the beautiful creative side of human beings. 

Stunning Artworks

But one “beauty” that most people often ignore about these artworks are the beautiful stories of artists behind them.  

But one artist proves that every artists’ story is as significant as their artworks. 

She proved that their stories serve a far higher purpose: And that is to be an “artwork” for humankind’s souls. 

Stunning Artworks?
Meet Sarah Ezekiel and Find Out What’s Special About Her 

All artists indeed are special in their own rights, and this lady artist is no different. 

Sarah Ezekiel’s great artworks already speak for themselves, but there’s one more thing that makes her really special. 

Ezekiel was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease in April 2000 at the age of 34. At that time, she was already pregnant with her baby boy and taking care of her 3-year-old daughter. 

Before that, she was already feeling various symptoms that she thought were merely pregnancy-related. 

Thanks to the referral of her doctor, a neurologist revealed her real condition at that time. 

Ezekiel was so shocked when a neurologist revealed that this was actually the symptoms of someone with Motor Neuron Disease. 

This disease gradually robs her of the ability to speak and move her body. On top of that, it also robs her of the length of years she will live in this world. 

Fortunately, one breakthrough technology provided her with new strength and hope in life, and this is called the EyeGaze technology. 

It wasn’t made to cure her disease, but it became a key to savor her first love again: Making artworks. 

But with her present condition, how making artworks became possible again for Ezekiel?

Let’s find out more about this magical technology and how it has changed Ezekiel’s life in the process. 

What Is EyeGaze Technology? 

This technology is made to help people with impaired speech and paralyzed bodies to interact normally with the world again. 

But how? 

Its sophisticated image processing software enables people to control computer menus through their gaze.  

It works like a touchscreen, but here, people “touch” different menus through their gaze, instead of their fingers. 

EyeGaze technology has a speech generation feature that helps people with impaired speech to speak again clearly. 

What Eyegaze does is to turn the words that a person encodes into audible words. 

They can encode words by typing on a digital keyboard through their gaze. 

EyeGaze also allows people with special needs to call and text their loved ones, browse the web and send Emails. 

On top of that, it also enables them to control sound systems, switches and lights through infrared and radio frequencies. 

This technology is a heaven-sent solution for people with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and other conditions that diminishes peoples’ physical performance. 

This technology also helped Ezekiel to draw and paint, which provided her with a chance to savor her passion again.

Now, aside from living like a normal person, Ezekiel also inspires other people through her beautiful artworks.

EyeGaze technology provides a much-needed solution for people who want to live normal lives again. 

Now, their conditions that diminished their physical abilities don’t need to be a hindrance to interact with the world. 

And for Ezekiel’s case, this technology enabled her to throw heavy barriers and achieved her most cherished dream. 

Portraits of a New Life 

Ezekiel may not redeem the life that was robbed by her condition, but she is grateful for the life she is living right now. 

Her digital portraits reveal the colors and appreciations that are now flowing inside her heart. 

She is hoping that through her artworks, she can inspire everybody to never give up in life. 

Just like her story, there will be a lot of ugly smudges along the way, smudges that seem irreparable. 

But great artists go back on these undesirable smudges and turn them into an irresistible and stunning portrait

May her story serve as an inspiring lesson for all of us.

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