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A Robotic Chef For Your Kitchen Will Soon Go On Sale!

A Robotic Chef For Your Kitchen Will Soon Go On Sale!

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  • A kitchen appliance equipped with Artificial Intelligence can cook thousands of recipes all by itself. 

Even tech-savvy superheroes like Ironman and Batman have missed this one. 

Meet Oliver, a robotic chef that can cook thousands of different meals at your command. 

robotic chef

This one-of-a-kind (and in fact, first of its kind) appliance will make its way into your kitchen counters soon. 

At first glance, it might look like an ordinary slow cooker, but of course, it isn’t.

Oliver is an AI-powered kitchen appliance that can efficiently juggle the role of a chef, shopping assistant, and a meal planner. 

It can fry, steam, stir, simmer, saute’, braise, mix, boil, poach, and even bake (just like you!). But this 

time, you can do all these things (without you). 

It is also filled with a recipe library that suits people’s different tastes and various local cuisines. 

Without a doubt, this futuristic product will be the most hardworking appliance that will ever arrive at your kitchen.  

Still in doubt if this robotic AI chef is a real deal? Then let’s have a closer look at this incredible appliance. 

What Does a Robotic Chef Looks Like? 

Indeed, Oliver is a chef, but don’t expect to see any robotic arms flipping multiple pans in this appliance.

Instead, Oliver will be an appliance that can sit at the top of your counter (just like most of your kitchen appliances).  

It has a cylinder-shaped body, five loading jars, a backloading tray, two side handles, and a mixing arm inside. 

It also has a small LED screen that notifies you when your meal is ready! (It can also greet you, by the way) 

Take a Look at How Oliver Works 

The magic starts with Oliver’s mobile app. 

This app is filled with hundreds (and soon to be thousands) of recipes. Each recipe has specific instructions on how to portion ingredients on Oliver’s five loading jars. 

After selecting a recipe and putting the specified portions on Oliver’s jars, all you have to do is to tap the app! 

From there, the robotic wonder can take over everything, leaving you with nothing to do but to relax!

It will automatically unload the food portions on its jars at the right time and cook it at the right temperature. 

Oliver can also do appropriate techniques and even put the right amount of water for each recipe it cooks! 

These highly precise procedures enable Oliver to produce quality dishes that can rival “human-cooked” meals. 

What Can Oliver Cook? 

Soups, stews, oatmeals, Jambalaya, Pad Thai, and Risotto are some of the most sumptuous meals that Oliver can cook. 

But if you’re craving for something sweet, then it won’t be a problem for (him) as the robo-chef can also make jams and cakes for you.  

But all these delicious meals and desserts are just the tip of what Oliver can cook. 

Its ever-expanding library of recipes will give you more options to satisfy your tastebuds’ ever-changing “moods.” 

The Future Is Now 

Who knew that robots and AIs would carve a space on our kitchen counters this early? 

Well, with Oliver, the future seems to be getting more and more “tomorrow.”  

While Oliver delivers a stunning service of cooking delicious meals all by itself, there is one more big benefit it provides: Freedom.  

By taking over the tedious process of cooking, it gives us a priceless chance to redeem our lost time in the kitchen.  

It gives more value to our time, which, in turn, gives more quality to our life.

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