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Robo Fireman To The Rescue!

Robo Fireman To The Rescue!

firefighting robot
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  • The Los Angeles Fire Department has purchased a robotic fireman that can accomplish hazardous tasks that are too dangerous for firemen to deal with. 

A robo fireman that busts out a fire in your neighborhood? Why not! 

Meet Thermite RS3 Firefighting Vehicle, the latest fire busting buddy of the Los Angeles fire department. 

This robot is currently the most advanced equipment of the department and is equipped with impressive features that are all designed to conquer any hazardous fire situations. 

Though it’s not as big as its firetruck brothers, this golf-cart sized robot is considered to be very powerful for its size. 

Robo fireman in action!

Thermite RS3 is powerful enough to blast 2,500 gallons of water or foam–per minute– to extinguish any raging fire quickly. 

To give you an idea of how powerful its blast can be, it can easily knock down walls, roofs, and yes, even a person. 

Heavy obstructions along the way is not a problem for this robot as it is equipped with a strong plow to push away these things. It also has a very powerful winch that can tow objects weighing up to 1,760 pounds! 

What’s even more amazing about RS3 is that it can literally go in the middle of a blazing fire to exterminate the fire from inside. 

This never-before-seen capability is made possible by the robot’s heat-shielding apparatus that can protect it from hazardous fire for up to 10-hours! 

With these amazing abilities, RS3 can accomplish extremely hazardous tasks that firemen cannot possibly do. As a result, it extends the capabilities of firemen, which makes every fire-busting mission more effective and safer for everyone. 

This robot was made by Howe and Howe Technologies, the same company that builds robots for the U.S Army. RS3 is actually patterned after these robots, whose main mission is to detonate improvised explosive devices or I.E.Ds. 

At $272,000, RS3 is indeed an expensive piece of equipment, but its capabilities to save both the lives of fire victims and the firemen are truly priceless. 

With the life-threatening risks that firemen have to go through with every fire situation, this is a very timely and necessary companion to have. 

This year, crew members of the Los Angeles Fire Department were severely injured because of a massive explosion while dealing with a fire situation. 

And this was just one of the many risks that fire responders have endured throughout the years. 

That is why the arrival of RS3 on the department was very timely, if not a heaven-sent for the heroic firefighters at the department. 

In fact, it didn’t take long for the LAFD to test the robot’s capabilities in a real fire situation. 

When a fire broke out in the two industrial textile buildings in downtown Los Angeles, the department quickly deployed the robot on the scene. 

robo fireman

The fire was so big and getting more hazardous that more than 130 firefighters were deployed to the scene just to deal with the fire. 

When firemen were pulled out in one of the buildings because of the increasing risks there, the RS3 robot wheeled on that same area and fought with the fire.

The bot didn’t disappoint as it showed how effective it was in dealing with this very risky situation. 

Aside from battling the fire, the LAFD also said that RS3 had helped them dismantle large obstructions in the building that enabled them to fight the blazing fire from within. 

Yes, the once futuristic concept of robots going head-to-head with hazardous fires situations is now a reality. 

RS3 proved that it’s not only equipped with amazing features but is also equipped with a BIG promise to save more lives in the future. 

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