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Wine Straight From The Faucets and Showers! Check it out How this Happened?

Wine Straight From The Faucets and Showers! Check it out How this Happened?

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  • Red Wine on Faucets and Showers flows freely. 
  • A nearby winery leak caused this “free booze” to the residents. 

The last time someone had turned water into wine was 2 millenniums ago.  

And for some seemingly divine intervention, this miraculous incident had taken place again. This time, on the small village of Castelvetro di Modena in Italy

Of all the things that the residents may have expected to see that morning, seeing a generous flow of red wine from their faucets were certainly far from their minds, and yet, that was the very thing that welcomed them that day. 

But instead of taking this unbelievable incident as some sign of a divine, residents wasted no time and rushed on every bottle and containers they could get around their houses to bottle this one-of-a-kind “miracle” flowing on their taps.

They don’t have to be educated on what’s flowing out of their faucets, as its the smell is one of the most distinct smells that every people living in the Modena region know: the Lambrusco Grasparossa wine. 

And what’s more fascinating is, even their showers are now pouring these aromatic and delicious wine! 

What an unbelievable site! 

But the real question here is, how in the world did it happen?

What’s The Reason Behind The ‘Red Wine on Faucets and Showers’? 

Red Wine on Faucets and Showers

Far from being a holy incident, it was actually a technical glitch. 

It turns out that the sudden rush of red wine on the residents’ faucets is because of a leak in one of the wine silos of the nearby Cantina Settecani Castelvetro’s winery. 

This might be the only technical glitch that everybody would wish to happen in their neighborhoods. 

Wine silos, a tall cylinder made of wood and usually sealed, have leaked into the village’s water supply. Also it flowed right through the main networks that connect to the nearby houses. 

One of the first things that shocked the residents, aside from seeing this red wine flowing on their faucet, is the wine’s strong pressure when it flowed out. 

This is because wine contains a far higher pressure than water. This fact was highlighted with the wine’s sudden “takeover” of the village’s pipeline. 

The End of the Miracle 

The residents were obviously not in a rush to call someone to fix this incident. But since the “miracle” has reached everyone in just a matter of minutes through the social media. Local authorities and the winery personnel rushed into the scene to explain and fix the incident.

Both of them ensured that the wine that mistakenly flowed out of the residents’ faucets was safe and didn’t pose any health risks. They promised to fix the faulty circuit valve on the bottling line as soon as possible.

(A promise that, it seems, something that the residents are not looking forward to)

The leak were later fixed, and the winery lost 1,000 liters of wine that day. And the bulk of it is now being enjoyed by the residents.

It was such a spectacular and once-in-a-lifetime moment that there’s no better way to celebrate that day than have a stuffed pig trotter, their local delicacy, together with their “miraculous” wine – fresh from the tap (and maybe even from showers?) 

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