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A Thrilling Reality TV Show Will Send 1 Lucky Winner To The International Space Station!

A Thrilling Reality TV Show Will Send 1 Lucky Winner To The International Space Station!

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  • A planned reality TV show will send its grand winner in the International Space Station. 
  • The production team behind the upcoming TV show has partnered with NASA and a private space company to make this project a reality. 

A reality TV show is attempting to pull off something that has never been done on television before. 

In what could be a historical event, its future winner will have the chance to visit the International Space Station! 

This upcoming and first-of-its-kind show will be called the ‘Space Hero.’ 

The planned 10-day stay in the ISS is an unprecedented grand prize for any reality TV shows. Talk about an out-of-this-world prize! 

According to Deadline, which first reported the news, the reality TV show will test its contestants’ fitness to be a space dweller. They will undergo various challenges that will test their physical, mental, and even emotional strength. 

Reality TV Show

The producers are planning for live episodes for the reality show and a worldwide voting scheme to determine the winner.  

Once the winner has been crowned, his (or her) International Space Station trip will be fully documented for the world to see. 

But this project is more than just a wishful thinking, mind you.

The production team behind ‘Space Hero’ has been making significant progress to make this feat a reality. 

Major Partnerships 

Recently, they have struck a deal with a company called Axiom Space. It is a private space travel provider and mission operator based in Houston, Texas. This company has a strong track record in providing high quality and NASA-level space services. 

International Space Station

Managed by space experts and veterans, the company willingly agreed to provide its expertise and services for the upcoming reality show. NASA has also agreed to provide assistance for future contestants. 

But even with these major partnerships, pieces for this historical reality TV show is not yet complete. 

Axiom Space is still in the process of selecting an official launch provider for the project. It also clarifies a circulating report which claims that it has already selected a launch provider. 

As of this writing, the company has not yet chosen an official partner for the critical launching task. 

Boeing and SpaceX are one of the top two companies being considered as the project’s launch provider. 

Boeing’s ticket price for its CST-100 Starliner costs around $90 million, while Boeing offers a cheaper ticket price of roughly $50 million. 

A Space Reality Show Has Been Attempted Before 

If all goes well, ‘Space Hero’ will make history as the first-ever space-oriented reality TV show in the world.  

But to be honest, the team behind it was not the first one to attempt this kind of concept. 

In 2000, Mark Burnett, the man behind ‘Survivor’ and ‘The Apprentice,’ attempted to launch a space reality TV show.  

NBC and Burnett have planned to bring their grand winner on Russia’s Mir Space Station. 

But the big project faced a major roadblock when the Russian government decided to deorbit Mir in March 2001.  

If not for this unexpected decision, Burnett’s concept is widely expected to be a highly successful reality TV show.  

The Big Potential of Low Earth Orbit 

Low Earth Orbit or LEO is a spot in space where humans can experience space safely; in fact, they can even stay there for days!  

NASA has seen LEO’s immense potential not just for space tourism but for various industries as well. 

This is the reason why it is doing its best to spark the interest of the world in visiting this place. 

If a high demand is achieved, then the cost of traveling and visiting the Low Earth Orbit will greatly reduce. 20

The space agency has been helping space-oriented projects to further stimulate everybody’s interest in space travel. NASA is currently assisting Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise in shooting his next big-budget film in space. 

Estée Lauder, a multinational cosmetics company, has also partnered with the space agency to shoot their next ads inside the ISS.  

And of course, the Space Hero, who is being assisted by NASA in launching an ambitious reality TV show. 

With all these things, we should brace ourselves for more space-themed movies, ads (and) TV shows in the near future! 

At last, outers space without any CGIs!

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