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A Pregnant Woman Just Took Her Bar Exam While In Labor

A Pregnant Woman Just Took Her Bar Exam While In Labor

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  • Delivering a baby boy and taking a bar exam fell on the same day for this wonder mom. 
  • The incoming mother was so determined to finish her bar exam that she decided to go on with it while she labors. 

When you thought bar exams couldn’t be any harder. 

Pregnant Woman Took Bar Exam While In Labor

One woman in Illinois got the most exciting timing of her life: Her bar exams and baby delivery have caught up with each other!  

A Pregnant Woman Took Bar Exam While In Labor

Her name is Brianna Hill, a recent graduate of the Loyola University School of Law in Chicago.

Okay, she did expect that her delivery and bar exams would somehow be close to each other. 

But her bar exams was suddenly canceled, just like everything else, when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. It was only this month that the exams were resumed. 

The resumed bar examinations were a remote version of the traditional one. Examiners were required to take their exams in front of the camera to prevent anyone from making any cheating attempts. 

The examination was divided into two days and consisted of four 90-minute sections. 

Since she was already 38 weeks into the pregnancy at that time, she once joked that she might deliver her baby during her exams. 

And her baby boy took it seriously. 

Right on the first day of her examination, her water suddenly broke out. 

“I thought I felt something about 30 minutes into the test and actually thought, ‘I really hope my water didn’t just break’, Hill said. 

After finishing the first section of the exam, she got up and checked it for herself, and yes, her water has indeed broken out. 

Hill, at that time, would all have the reasons to completely give up her examination, but the next thing she did is something unbelievable.  

Even with the imminent labor, the future lawyer chose to continue her bar examination. 

First, she took her break, cleaned herself, and called her husband, midwife, and her mom. 

She recalled the panic she felt at that time, but she was very thankful for the support she received from these people.  

During that time, Hill took the second part of her bar exams. 

She took advantage of the available time because her midwife told her that there was still enough time before they need to go to the hospital. 

After finishing the second part of her exams, she headed straight to the hospital at around 5:30 pm. Just after 10 pm, her baby boy came out, who just “can’t wait” after the exams to see his mother.  

The next day, Hill immediately came back “to the business” by continuing her bar examinations. 

The hospital staff was so supportive of her that they allowed her to use an empty room just to continue her remote exam. They even put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door just to make sure that Hill can focus on what she was doing. 

Hill was all the more inspired in taking her exams this time because she had the opportunity to nurse her baby during breaks.  

She took the rest of her exam in that room and finished it on time. 

At last, the most confusing and critical part of her life already came to pass. She was able to deliver her baby boy safely and finished her bar exams on time. 

Hill was so thankful for all the support she got from the people who willingly helped her pass this big hurdle.  

Indeed, it was a very inspiring story of determination and love, a kind of story we all need to hear in these trying times.  

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