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A Pregnant Woman Saved His Husband From A Shark Attack

A Pregnant Woman Saved His Husband From A Shark Attack

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  • A brave (and pregnant) woman bravely plunged into the waters to save his husband from being attacked by a shark. 

A brave woman just showed how much she truly loves her husband. 

Pregnant woman saved husband from shark attack!

Margot Dukes-Eddy was having a vacation with her family, together with her 30-year-old husband, Andrew Eddy, in the Florida Keys. 

Flordia Keys, a known tourist destination, is a 125-mile-long chain of islands that begins just south of Miami. 

They were in a certain area called Sombrero Reef and were aboard a private 20-foot motorboat.  

Wanting to fully enjoy the destination, Andrew jumped into the waters of the Florida Keys to experience its crystal-clear turquoise water. They were with other several tourists who are also enjoying the destination at that time.  

But when Margot watched her husband in the pristine waters, she noticed something unusual and terrifying. 

Near where her husband has just plunged, Margot saw a shark’s dorsal fin and blood, which greatly alarmed her. 

The next thing she knew, the shark has already latched into her husband’s shoulder. With this great danger, Margot has decided to do the unthinkable.

Without thinking twice, Margot, who is pregnant at that time, quickly jumped into the water to pull her husband into safety. 

pregnant woman saved husband from shark attack

Even with her delicate situation and the danger that awaits outside the motorboat, she bravely plunged into the water to save her husband.  

The witnesses described the shark as an 8-to-10-foot bull shark, which slammed and latched into Andrew.

Shark attack

If he were not immediately dragged back by her wife, his life would surely be caught in a critical situation. 

Fortunately, he was saved but suffered some serious injuries. No other people were injured in the incident, according to the official report. 

According to the Monroe County Sherrif Office, Andrew was immediately airlifted to a nearby hospital in Miami to treat his severe injury in the shoulder.  

But the Office also reported a fascinating fact from the University of Florida’s Shark Attack File. 

According to its files, there had only been 17 confirmed (and unprovoked) shark attacks on their records — since 1882! 

That is why the recent shark attack was somehow unexpected and unusual. 

But if there is one good thing that came out from this danger, it was Margot’s bravery. 

By risking her life just to save her husband from the imminent danger, it became an opportunity for her to express her best expression of love.

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