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Filipino Sergeant Abused His Power To Kill Innocent Mom And Son!

Filipino Sergeant Abused His Power To Kill Innocent Mom And Son!

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  • Sergeant Nuezca Jonel abused his power!
  • Sonya and Frank Gregorio fall victim to this stupid and evil police officer!
  • After killing two people and committing double murder, the policeman surrenders!
  • The Chief of Police sends flowers to the Gregorio family!
  • What happened to justice for Sonya and Frank Gregorio?

Filipino officer shoots down two innocent victims: Mom and Son got killed by a cruel policeman for just making noise and not believing that he’s a Policeman? Yes! Is that a joke? I wish it were all a joke; all the things that happened in that scene gets pretty messed up. Recently in a place called Barangay Cabayaoasan Paniqui in Tarlac, a worthless policeman used his power and name for killing other innocent people.

When this incident took place?

On December 20th, a video went viral on Facebook, and till the end of 21st December, almost everyone saw that video in the Philippines. A video showing how a policeman and her daughter were trying to force a mother and son to let him arrest them. You can check the video on Facebook by clicking right here.

Why did he kill them (Sonya and Frank Gregorio)?

The policeman was Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca. The victims who died from his bullets are 25 years old Frank Anthony Gregorio and his Mom, Sonya Gregorio, 52 years old. Sergeant Jonel was working in the Crime Laboratory in the City of Parañaque. Nuezca shot those two people just because they didn’t believe he was the policeman.

Sonya and Frank Gregorio killing

Right before he shot, you can see the daughter of Nuezca shouting ‘My Father Is A Policeman!’ Then, when Sonya didn’t trust and replied, with ‘I Don’t Care.’ Nuezca took out his gun and shot both of them in the head with a close-range! Even when they were down, he fired two more rounds to make sure they died!

What was the reaction of Nuezca and his Daughter?

Elisha Nuezca, The daughter of Nuezca Jonel, has the expression of feeling proud and doesn’t even care that his so-called Policeman’s father has shot two-person down without any crime. Well, that’s what you call two peas of the same pod. Both daughter and Father had a satisfied look, while the Gregorio family ran inside in fear. 

When did he surrender?

After that happened, at 6:19 pm, Nuezca surrenders himself for double murder. The police officer is now in Jail, taking his punishment for a lifetime. Is that enough? Not at all; I don’t understand the Philippines’ system; after two murders, he still not getting the death penalty.

Did Sonya and Frank receive Justice?

Maybe because of the system, The police officer who had killed these two victims, and God knows how many before he got caught, can shoot down so quickly even though Chief General Debold Sinas has shared his condolences and a funeral flower for the Gregorio family. It doesn’t mean it’s okay for the Police officer to live a life in a room while he gets food every day and is allowed to see his family every week.

This so-called Justice is nothing but a scam by the Filipino Government and its system. After the video got leaked, many policemen and women have commented that he did nothing wrong! That they would kill the people too if they insulted their daughter and not comply! What is wrong with the system of the Philippines? Let me know your thoughts on all the matter, and if you think they got justice or not?

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