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Buying Something? No Worries, It’s Just One Drone Delivery Away!

Buying Something? No Worries, It’s Just One Drone Delivery Away!

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For your next package delivery, you will certainly have to look upwards. 

One Drone Delivery Away!

Retail giant Walmart has started a pilot test for drone deliveries. Yes, these mini flying vehicles might soon take a new role in the near future as you next “delivery man”. 


Walmart has partnered with an Israeli startup called Flytrex to test drones’ potential in delivery services. 

The drones they’ve tested can fly at speeds of 32 mph and can cover 6.2 miles in a roundtrip.  

For now, these machines can carry packages that weigh up to 6.6 pounds, which is roughly the weight of 6-8 hamburgers.  

Flytrex also made it clear that their drones have predetermined routes in daytime over unpopulated areas. 

Drone Delivery

One of the most notable things about these delivery drones is that they don’t go near the recipient of the package.  

It hovers 80 feet above a recipient’s home and safely lowers a Walmart bag safely to the ground using a durable cord. 22

A Million Drone Deliveries In The Future? 

Walmart’s senior vice president Tom Ward can’t help but feel excited about the possibilities of this drone experiment.

But he admitted that it might take a while before we can see millions of packages being delivered every day by drones. “It still feels like a bit of science fiction”, he added. 

Indeed, a day where it’s already normal to see millions of drones every day might still feel like a distant future. 

But since Walmart is not the only company that sees drone delivery’s immense potential, that distant future might arrive earlier. 

Amazon, Walmart’s fierce and giant rival, has also made significant progress in drone deliveries. 

Recently, Amazon has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate as a drone airline.  

Yes, you’ve read it right, a “drone airline”, which sends a message that it is getting serious with drone deliveries. 

This move will also open the doors for a massive (and of course, profitable) commercial operations in the future. 

Walmart’s Drone Experiments Before 

Walmart’s recent drone delivery test drive is not its first time to venture in drone technology. 

The retail giant has tested the machine’s potentials before by using it to check inventories in its warehouses last 2016.  

But Walmart is still seeking solutions on how to solve some significant problems that prevent it from fully adopting the technology. 

These top two problems are the drones’ high operation cost over traditional delivery and various safety regulations.  

But with its recent (and major) venture in drone deliveries, it’s clear that Walmart is still considering drones for its operations.  

A Timely Rivalry During The Pandemic 

It seems that Walmart and Amazon’s inevitable competition on drone delivery services will be a “timely” rivalry for all of us. 

Drone deliveries will be a very big help for a lot of people during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Since current delivery services still involve contact with another person, drone deliveries will completely eliminate this kind of contact.  

And the upcoming competition between the two giant companies will surely make way for large-scale drone deliveries in the near future. 

This exciting trend will offer us a whole new way to purchase things while protecting our health at the same time.  

Without a doubt, this is the kind of solution that everybody needs during these challenging times.

Video Source: Flytrex

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