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The nurse handed over cash to ‘fake Sam Heughan’ and lost £36K!

The nurse handed over cash to ‘fake Sam Heughan’ and lost £36K!

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  • Fake Sam Heughan target a Nurse from Florida and took her £36K
  • What was the relation between The Nurse Stephanie and Fake Sam Heughan?
  • How the Fake Sam Heughan trapped Stephanie?

A fraudster disguising himself as star Sam Heughan has been targeting his fans across North America. Several women have gotten fooled into believing that they are talking to a celebrity. Some of them even cheated out of their savings. The Edinburgh live tells us in their article about the incident.

stephanie and fake Sam Heughan

What was the relation between The Nurse Stephanie and Fake Sam Heughan?

There are many cases like that. This time a 56-year-old Florida nurse, Stephanie. Stephanie thought she has an online relationship with Sam Heughan since 2018 and handed over £36,000 to him.

How the Fake Sam Heughan trapped Stephanie?

The scammer convinced her that he sent her a surprise gift in September and invested a lot of money in the parcel, but it never arrives because he claimed that he knew nothing about customs duties before sending the gift, and now it got stuck.

She also starts getting messages emails from a transport company that claims to be in Scotland, which never lets her doubt whether it is real or not? But the package went from Glasgow but stuck in Brazil, and she had to pay something to leave the box. 

The fake Sam told her that it stuck in Georgia and had to pay again to forward it. And she spent a total of £7,000. Furthermore, in November, he said that he had hired a lawyer in Scotland to go the court for them, as they were fined more than £7,000 for not following the carrier’s terms, and then they will release the package. And she had to pay the money this time again.

What Stephanie did after hearing all the fake talks?

Stephanie was too scared to tell everything to her family and could not recover yet out of the financial loss. Still, he conned her again in the name of his child. The Fraud told her a story that his Australian ex had died, and he needs money for his secret love child and his health care. He said to her that’s an account of her daughter’s named Mitchell. 

The Fraud also mentioned that not many people knew about her. Soon he constructs another story of her operation and needs to do the treatment privately to keep her out of the spotlight. She almost got pressured to get 22 saving and crediting cards; she spent a lot of money to buy Bitcoins (a virtual cryptocurrency) for him to donate to children’s charity.

How the fake Sam gained her trust and made her believe that he is the real Sam Heughan?

The Sam to whom Stephanie used to speak started talk using his middle name, Ronald, to cover his name, so no one will think that he’s the real Sam Heughan. He always sent her cards and handwritten notes, which made her believe they were in a relationship. 

As she said, they spoke on Google Hangout and started developing feelings for each other. However, they never spoke on the phone as he was too busy. The Fraud does sweet talks and says things like “Just know that you always on my mind and that I love you” and hypnotize her and fooled her.

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