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A New Jersey transit police officer revives newborn baby in a public washroom

A New Jersey transit police officer revives newborn baby in a public washroom

New Jersey transit police officer revives newborn baby
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An anonymous woman gave birth to her baby in the women’s washroom in Newark Penn Station on July 14 at 10 a.m. Officers on the said station immediately responded and they found the woman cradling a newborn baby in her arms.

Officer Bryan Richards immediate respond to a woman cradling a newborn unresponsive baby

New Jersey Transit Police Department (NJTPD) released a video that shows Officer Bryan Richards entering the women’s bathroom and found the two other officers standing near an opened stall where a woman stands inside.

Officer Bryan Richards can be seen taking the unresponsive baby, whose skin is a grayish in color, from the mother and places her in a bathroom sink. He then immediately works to attempt and revive the baby. He performs several chest compressions on the child, but quickly realizes that time to save the child is rapidly dwindling.

Having no other option, Richards called for an emergency response team and he carefully sprints out of the bathroom to a waiting police vehicle outside Newark Penn Station. They rushed the baby to a nearby hospital alongside officer Alberto Nunes, who is the driver at that time.

Richards continues to perform CPR

While on their way to the hospital, Richards continues to perform chest compressions until the baby began to breathe. The newborn baby started to make a noise, but Richards keeps attending to the child with life saving measures. Luckily, as the car pulls into the hospital a loud cry is heard from the child.

“Good girl.”, Richards said as the two officers arrived at the hospital.

Three days after the event. Both Officers Richards and Nunes attended a press conference to share their heroism.

According to Richards.

Once the baby started crying. That’s the best thing to have. A crying baby is a great baby.

And he added.

On the way – it’s already high stress, high adrenaline. But when the baby crying. It was a very big sigh of relief and a happy moment.

Thanks to their heroism, the baby is now “doing well” according to the New Jersey Transit authorities.

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