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Moon Mission Planned In 2024!

Moon Mission Planned In 2024!

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  • NASA plans to send humans again on the lunar surface by 2024. 
  • The mission, which is named ‘Artemis Mission’ includes sending the first woman on the moon and creating the first Moon space station. 

At last, the world will witness a lunar mission again! 

NASA, United States’ premier space agency, has released updated details about its planned Moon mission in 2024.  

Moon Mission

This ambitious plan, called the ‘Artemis Mission’ is named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon.  

Artemis, just to provide a bit of trivia, is the sister of Apollo, a name that NASA has used for its past Moon mission.  

(Talk about mission names that fit like a glove!) 

The space agency’s next Moon mission will be bigger and more ambitious than its previous lunar ventures.  

Planting American flags, making lunar footprints, and collecting moon rocks are already a thing of the past. 

This time, what NASA plans is to finally create a permanent presence on the Moon! 

This grand comeback aims to study our lunar neighbor even further and learn how to tap its resources. Also, the space agency wants to know how human bodies’ will respond to a prolonged stay outside the Earth. 

But more importantly, the ‘Artemis Mission’ will be part of NASA’s more ambitious plan: To land astronauts on Mars.  

That is why the space agency wants to learn more about manned deep-space missions to prepare for the Red Planet. 

Its current Moon plans are designed to open immense learning opportunities about advanced space missions. 

The knowledge that it will learn from its upcoming lunar missions will prepare NASA for a historical landing on Mars in the future. 

A Closer Look at the ‘Artemis / Moon Mission’ 

BIG space plans require BIG rockets and NASA is definitely more than prepared for this BIG requirement. 

For its ‘Artemis Mission’, the space agency will use a new powerful rocket called the Space Launch System or the (SLS).  

Aside from being a massive rocket, it also has the “bragging rights” of being the most powerful rocket in the world!   

But before whisking astronauts into the Moon, the SLS will undergo various tests to see its full potential. 

The next big thing that NASA plans to do is to establish a permanent Moon space station called ‘Gateway’. 

It would play a lot of important roles, not just with NASA ‘Artemis Mission’ but with its future missions as well.  

The ‘Gateway’, first and foremost, will be a permanent docking station for Moon-bound astronauts.

Attached to it is a reusable lunar landing system that will safely land the astronauts on the surface of the Moon. 

It will also serve as a facility to conduct scientific experiments and a training ground for deep space living.

This future lunar space station will be a collaboration between Europe, Japan, and Canada. 

These countries are no stranger to building a space station as they are all involved in International Space Station’s development.  

3 Big Steps Towards The Moon 

Neil Armstrong chose to take that “one small step” five decades ago, but today, NASA prefers to take “three big steps”.  

The space agency, with the massiveness of its mission, decided to divide the ‘Artemis Mission’ into three stages. It will divide its lunar mission in Artemis I, Artemis II, and Artemis III. 

Artemis I will involve an unmanned test mission and is expected to launch before 2021. 

Artemis II plans to send crews on the Moon’s orbit (but not on its surface) in 2022. 

And finally, the Artemis III, the most interesting stage of all, where astronauts will land on the moon again, after more than 50 years of absence on the lunar surface. 

Major Moon Milestones 

NASA’s ‘Artemis Mission’ will be the space agency’s most ambitious mission yet — and aims to achieve a couple of ‘firsts’.  

Unlike past Apollo missions, NASA will finally send the first woman on the surface of the Moon. 

It will also send astronauts on an area that past astronauts have not visited before: the Moon’s South Pole. 

This specific area has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. The Moon’s South Pole is believed to hold massive water reserves in the form of ice. 

If proven true, then this kind of resource can drastically change the course of space missions in the future! 

And this ‘galactic rumor’ is what Artemis astronauts will have to confirm. 

Intergalactic Dreams 

Through the ‘Artemis Mission’, we’ve already heard things like the world’s most powerful rocket, lunar space stations, and visiting the unexplored side of the Moon. 

These things are truly exciting, but what makes them more exciting is that they will soon become a reality!

These technological feats prove that we can indeed achieve and explore things bigger than ourselves.

And with plans to explore the Red Planet, the distant stars, and beyond, we will again redefine the things we can do.  

Who knew that humans, who once learned to ignite a fire to create a light, would soon ignite a fire to explore other worlds? 

Video Source: NASA

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