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Meet The Youngest Climber Who Conquered The 14 Highest Summits In The World

Meet The Youngest Climber Who Conquered The 14 Highest Summits In The World

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  • At the age of 37, Australian mountain climber Daniel Bull became the youngest climber to reach the seven highest mountains and seven highest volcanoes in the world. 

One very high mountain isn’t enough for this one-of-a-kind mountain climber. 

Meet Australian youngest climber Daniel Bull

Who has just set a world record for being the youngest person to successfully climbed the Seven Summits and Seven Volcanic Summits. 

youngest climber

Seven Summits are composed of the highest mountains on each continent of the world. While the Seven Volcanic Summits are the highest volcanoes in … yes, you’ve guessed it right, in each of the world’s seven continents. 

Just let it sink for a moment of how incredible his feat was. 

In an interview, Daniel Bull shared that it has always been his childhood dream to reach the very top of the world. And indeed, he successfully climbed not only one roof, but all the 14 highest roofs in the world! 

It took Bull a whole decade just to reach every summit of the world’s highest mountains and volcanoes, but all his hardwork was all paid off in the end. 

But even with this incredible record, it seems that Bull was really born to be an unstoppable man. 

After conquering the highest mountains and volcanoes in the world, he has dared himself to reach two more world records, this time, on a lake called Ojos del Salado, which is the world’s highest altitude lake.

In 2018, he had successfully set a record of kayaking on this lake, and this year, he made another record by making the highest altitude swim! 

The lake he has just conquered is no ordinary lake as it can reach a teeth-shattering below zero temperature. In fact, the lake is actually more extreme than the ice bath that elite athletes usually use. 

According to him, the temperature on those ice baths reaches 11-degrees Celcius, but the Ojos del Salado lake he conquered is even colder than those baths.

With these impressive achievements, it was clear that Bull has never been afraid to push his own limits and conquer the unconquered paths. 

His love for heights and water was evident in the current feats he had successfully achieved. Indeed, there is no better way to express his love for these things by honoring them with his world records!

Bull serves as an inspiration to everybody to push their own limits and break away from their comfort zone. 

He clearly showed that the most exciting things in life can be experienced, not when we are comfortable, but when we are challenging ourselves. 

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