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A Worthy Addition To The Avengers: Meet China’s ‘Procrastination Buster’

A Worthy Addition To The Avengers: Meet China’s ‘Procrastination Buster’

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  • A Chinese man(Procrastination Buster) provides a service that involves reminding people about their daily activities through text and calls to avoid procrastination. 
  • He has been providing this service for the past six years which proves that his service is not only profitable but also provides real value to people. 

As we all know, Avengers were formed to protect the Earth from intergalactic threats that want to invade the world. But it seems that the Earth’s mightiest heroes may have overlooked a certain threat that seems to be more vicious than these invaders. 

This threat has no intention of ruling over the world, but it has vowed on two prime missions: To suck our time and waste each day of our lives in the most optimum way. Unlike intergalactic invaders, it has no form, no army, not even ships, but it holds an immense threat that can certainly make a big impact on our lives. 

Habit of Procrastination Buster

And if ever the Avengers has recognized it as a major threat on Earth, they may have recruited someone who is skilled and ‘powerful enough’ to combat this threat. If it ever happened, then they may have brought this amazing Chinese man to their team! 

Meet Xiao Zhu, a man who’s making a buzz in China because of the ingenious service he is offering: To be a ‘procrastination buster’ for his fellow citizens. 

Procrastination Buster

And while this may sound like a crazy idea at first, positive (and terrific) testimonies from his clients show that his service is not crazy after all. In fact, this great feedbacks prove that Zhu’s service is an immense necessity these days. 

With all sorts of entertainment and gadgets available now that sucks everyone’s time and productivity, the problem of procrastination is getting bigger every day. That is why Zhu decided to step up and initiated a solution to combat this growing problem. 

What he did was to start offering a service for willing clients that would constantly remind them of the daily activities they need to do each day. These reminders can be done through different means like texting and calling. 

Procrastination Buster

And while there are probably hundreds of apps that can do the same job, a lot of people are still seeking a ‘real person’ to remind them of the things they need to do. 

Zhu’s ingenious service became an instant hit that he is now spending most of his day reminding his long list of clients about their daily activities. His service has become so popular that one would certainly wonder why anyone hasn’t thought of this great idea before. 

But while his service has proved to be a profitable venture, Zhu always likes to highlight that the most satisfying part of his service is the positive responses he receives. Because this feedbacks prove that his ‘unusual service’ is actually providing a big value to his clients. 

Most of his clients are in the 18 to 30 age bracket, who are all struggling to be consistent with their important activities because of procrastination. And for them, having someone who is willing to spend his day reminding them to fulfill their tasks is truly heaven-sent. 

Zhu has been providing this kind of service for the past six years. And it proves that being a procrastination buster is not only a profitable service but something that everyone is seeking. 

Everybody hopes that Zhu’s one of a kind of service will continue for years to come and help more people curb their procrastination problems once and for all. 

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