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At last, After 44 Years of Separation, Denise McCarty See Her Family Again

At last, After 44 Years of Separation, Denise McCarty See Her Family Again

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  • Because of a program that aims to match American adoptees with their biological parents, Denise McCarty See Her Family Again after being separated for 44 years.

How does it feel to wait for 44 long years just to see your real family again? 

Painful might be the best word to describe it, but yes, it is still an understatement. 

In truth, there are no words that can describe that feeling — and there will never be. 

But what’s even more indescribable is the feeling of finally ending this long wait once and for all. 

Denise McCarty See Her Family Again

This is what exactly happened to Denise McCarty, 46, who was lost in a South Korean market way back in 1976 when she was still 2-years-old. 

At that time, she was accompanied by her grandmother and twin sister in the market when the unfortunate thing happened. 

In fact, her twin sister was lost too but was found three days later after the incident. 

But McCarty was never found by her grandmother and later found herself in an orphanage. 

There, she was adopted by an American couple, and since then, her life was completely changed. 

All her life, McCarty thought that she was “abandoned” in a hospital because she was sick because that’s what had been told to her. 

A Life-Long Search 

Meanwhile, her grandmother, sister, and her parents have never stopped searching for her. 

With all those years of pain, suffering, longing, and sadness, they had never lost any hope that they would soon find her. 

And it would be a 44-long-year wait before it can be a reality. 

They even set up a business on the same market where McCarty was lost, hoping that they would eventually find her, which, unfortunately, never happened. 

A Glimmer of Hope 

They had tried everything they can to search for any leads that would point them to McCarty’s whereabouts, but all those things had failed. 

But when everything seemed hopeless, one unexpected opportunity suddenly came their way.

A Korean DNA program has been launched to match American adoptees with their biological family. 

It was the giant opportunity they have been waiting for since they’ve lost their beloved McCarty. 

But it was not only a big miracle for them; it was also a big opportunity for McCarty herself! 

McCarty was informed of this opportunity when she visited South Korea in 2016, and she immediately signed up for this program. 

Her mother signed up the following year. 

And around October 2020, one unbelievable news was sent to both McCarty and her mother: The program had found a match for them! 

At last, A Reunited Family 

After more than four decades since she was lost in a South Korean market, McCarty was reunited with her family.

And it was a very, very long wait. 

As much as they want to meet each other in person, McCarty and her family had a virtual meet up instead, because of the current travel restrictions.

Denise McCarty See Her Family Again

Finally McCarty See Her Family Again!

Finally, McCarty saw her mother, big brother, and yes, her twin sister! 

In an interview, McCarty shared that she never thought that she had an identical twin, and it was a fascinating revelation for her. 

Her mother brought her pictures when she was still 3-years-old, and McCarty was very delighted to see those images. 

Her brother, sister, and mother were very emotional when they saw McCarty on the screen and had the opportunity to say how much they loved her. 

They said that they never left her in the market and never stopped searching for her since she was lost in that place. 

McCarty also discovered that her birth name was Sang-Ae and that her father and grandmother have already passed away.

Her conversation with her biological family was mixed with happiness and sadness, and there was no doubt that it became the most memorable conversation they had in their lives. 

Both of them hope to meet each other in person as soon as traveling becomes less restrictive and safer for everyone. 

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