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A Man Decided Adopting 5 Kids To Provide Them A Life He Never Had

A Man Decided Adopting 5 Kids To Provide Them A Life He Never Had

Adopting 5 Kids
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  • A man from Ohio has decided to adopting 5 kids from different foster homes to start a new family. 

It takes two to tango, so they say. But it takes five for a family to come alive! 

Adopting 5 kids

That’s what Robert Carter had learned when he decided to start a family by adopting five lovely kids. 

But aside from starting a family, there is one more compelling reason why he decided to do this commendable act. 

Just like the kids that he adopted, Carter was also a “product” of a foster home; that’s why he knows how painful it is to live without parents. 

He was originally living with his parents when he was just a kid, but the authorities decided to put him and his siblings in an Ohio foster home for their own safety and welfare. 

At that time, her mother was struggling with alcoholism; that is why the authorities chose what could be best for them. 

Carter was 12 when he was brought to a foster home, and since that day, he had never regretted living in that very caring place. 

He remembers his days in a foster home as one of the best (if not the best) part of his life. 

Almost all the people who are currently part of his life all came from the foster home who have nurtured and cared for him for many years. 

Even though a foster home is truly heaven-sent for every kid without parents, Carter would want every parentless child to have someone that could love them for a lifetime. 

While he cannot possibly adopt every kid in foster homes, he instead did his part by adopting five kids who are longing to have their own parents. 

Adopting 5 Kids

At 29 years old, this is, without a doubt, the most fulfilling thing that Carter did in his life yet. 

These five lovely kids are Marionna, Makayla, Robert, Giovanni, and Kiontae. But prior to the adoption, Carter was already fostering the three brothers on this pack. 

One more fascinating thing about Carter is that this was not even the first custody awarded to him. 

When he was 18-year-old, he was granted custody of his little sister and for his brother when he turned 21, which made his life more complete than before. 

And with the new custody he has received, this time, for his new daughters and sons, Carter is now filled with more joy and fulfillment. 

What’s more, his official adoption for these five kids happened right exactly on National Adoption Day, which became a perfect way to celebrate that day. 

It also became a perfect way to highlight the beauty of adoption, to let everyone realize that it can really change the lives of kids who are born or living without parents. 

Carter also used this momentous day to hammer one important truth. 

He said that most people have the misconception that they should get married first before adopting a child, which is actually wrong. 

Carter made it clear that as long as someone has a desire to adopt, and most importantly, have the means to provide a child with a good life, then one should go for it. 

Lots of children are still waiting for someone to adopt them, and one’s decision to step forward is all it takes to change their lives forever. 

And Carter would not want anything but to see these children find their permanent home and family. 

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