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Machu Picchu Has Just Opened Its Doors To One Loyal Tourist

Machu Picchu Has Just Opened Its Doors To One Loyal Tourist

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  • Peru officials gave one tourist a chance to explore their world-famous Machu Picchu before opening it to the world again. 

This is surely every tourist’s greatest fantasy. 

One tourist in Peru got a chance of a lifetime when the world-famous Machu Picchu opened exclusively for him.  

Machu Picchu Exclusively Open to One Loyal Tourist

Yes! You’ve read it right! 

Machu Picchu

He is Jesse Katayama, a 26-year-old Japanese tourist, who, just like most tourists in Peru, have dreamed of seeing the mystique and beauty of Machu Picchu in person. 

Machu Picchu is a 15th-century Inca citadel and currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which makes it all the more interesting to visit. 

But his dream had a major turnaround when Peru suddenly declared a state of emergency due to the global pandemic. 

He and his fellow Japanese tourists (around 200) had been stranded in the country since then. But a lot of them became lucky because they were flown out through repatriation flights weeks later.  

But Katayama chose not to go with them. 

He decided to take his chances and wait in Peru until everything goes to normal. 

And it was a 7-long-month wait. 

Since the whole country was on lockdown, and he can’t obviously see Machu Picchu at that time, 

While waiting for everything to get normal again, he decided to rent a room and explore lesser-known sites that are allowed to be visited. 

And being a boxing instructor, he also contributed something to the community by providing the local children with boxing lessons. 

But even with the great time he is having in that community, Takayama recalled how his hopes were getting thin at that time in seeing the world-famous site.

With his savings going low, and the reopening of the site keeps on getting delayed, everything seems to point to a sad ending.  

But the locals of Peru were so good to him that they willingly lobbied on his behalf. 

Fortunately, Peru’s Ministry of Culture became sympathetic to this man’s dream and gave him an “exclusive ticket” to see Machu Picchu in person before Peru opens it to the world. 

Since this once-in-a-lifetime experience would happen before Takayama departs from Peru, he would surely leave with a fulfilled dream right at his back. 

Takayama visited Machu Picchu with no one else but the director of the site and several photographers. 

And this very awesome moment shouldn’t be missed by the world — of course. 

Takayama immediately posted his pictures on his Instagram account and proudly said: “The first person on Earth who went to Machu Picchu since lockdown is meeee.” 

Well, we can’t blame how excited he was to share it with everyone, since he had waited for seven long months just to experience this moment! 

Without a doubt, this happy ending for Takayama would also be a happy start for Peru’s tourism sector as the country prepares to open its world-famous site to the globe again next month. 

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