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Lost toddler with autism was found with his family’s pooches

Lost toddler with autism was found with his family’s pooches

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  • A three-year-old autistic toddler with no ability to speak went missing in Ponce De Leon, Florida.
  • The child was then found together with the two loyal family dogs named Nala and Buckwheat.
Child and puppy

It was a Wednesday morning when a three-year-old boy disappeared in Ponce De Leon, Florida. The toddler named Marshal wore only his diapers when he went missing. It was a difficult search because of the boy’s age but it is indeed another story if the boy has some conditions.

Little Marshal is diagnosed with autism. He is not able to speak, making the situation worse for his family when they came to look for him.

Boy is missing with their dogs

Family and dog

Little Marshal’s family’s only ray of hope is because of the thought that the boy went missing but Nala and Buckwheat, their two loyal family dogs went missing as well. Although the searchers provide themselves with peace from the thought, the family also thinks about all kinds of worst case scenarios.

It was June 3, 2020 when the child was finally located according to Walton County Sheriff, Michael Adkinson, Jr.’s social media status update.

Walton County Sheriff’s Office which is located in the vicinity of Morrison Springs Road in Ponce De Leon searched for the little toddler. As the child was last seen wearing only his nappies, and there was about an hour of time lapse between when the toddler was last seen and when the WCSO’s agency was asked for help to find him.

Search Operation Begin

Sniffing dog

The Walton Correctional Institution has been requested to take their K9 Teams to assist with the search and they also asked for notification if there will be any new lead about the toddler’s location.

Marshall already found with their dogs

Mother and child with dog

At the same day later, Marshal was luckily found and it was all thanks to his loyal four legged companions. The officer Michael Adkinson Jr. soon again posted on his social media account that the young boy was safely returned to his home. Aside from that, amazingly, the dog was also found still with the child. The sheriff ended his post with a quote;

Scene cleared.

According to Corey Dobridnia, the Public Information Officer at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, their expectations were way higher – going into an extensive search is always for the purpose of gathering as many agency members on the ground as possible to assist in the search.

Minutes are precious when it comes to the search of a child.

Sniffing dog sitting

Carol Shelton, a concerned neighbor later then saw the boy that afternoon approximately a mile away from the child’s home. It wasn’t considered as a wonder, instead, it was a result that little Marshal’s guardian angels secured.

Above all else, Nala and Buckwheat never left the toddler’s side. According to a neighbor, the dogs were right there with him and they were thankful that the dogs kind of showed him the way home.

I guess they kept him safe.

Marshal was in good shape when found, slightly muddy from the walk over the woods, however, he is happy and safe. The story gained a lot of praise and gratitude for the dogs on Facebook. We bet that it’s so nice to have loyal buddies who we can walk with through our journeys.

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