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Just another ordinary superhero

Just another ordinary superhero

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  • A man goes to the hospital of ill children dressed as a superhero giving gifts to give them a smile.
  • Yuri Williams founded a non-profit organization named “A Future Superhero and Friends.”

If you were to be a superhero what kind of powers would you like to have; super speed, or being able to fly, or maybe you might just want to be invisible?

Those are the typical super powers that people want when they are asked of what power they want to have if they become a superhero. But for Yuri Williams what he wants to have is a power to give a smile to people who are in the dark and are afraid just like how he was when his mom was battling with cancer.

He told in an interview how he decided that the best way to heal and go through his grief is by helping people who have the same or even worse experience than him.

Yuri Williams has been visiting seriously ill children at the hospital wearing superhero costumes and giving gifts to children to cheer them up. Ever since he started this campaign, he has then touched the lives of hundreds and thousands of people; giving smiles to each and every one even during their darker days.

In an interview on Facebook, Yuri said he started with helping the homeless, then to street children, and now he’s going to different hospitals dressed as a superhero. When he was asked as to why he thought of this, Yuri answered that it is his way of healing from a long grief after he lost his mother to cancer.

He’s going to different hospitals dressed as a superhero.

He stated that he knew how it feels dark and frightening; thus he wanted to be someone who would save other people from those feelings, and how doing so makes him feel like a real superhero as helping gives him an adrenaline rush. Yuri said in the interview that although this pandemic stops him from going to the hospitals, his urge to help is still there. How helping people excites him.

I live for this. When I have to do something the next day, I can’t sleep because I’m just excited to be helping people. It’s an adrenaline rush.


Like a real superhero, helping gives him an adrenaline rush.

In a viral Facebook video, after the interview Yuri went on to help a family whose been greatly affected by the pandemic. He prepared money for food and for the medicine of their sick daughter. Yuri gave the envelope containing the money for food and medicine to the mother of the sick child and upon seeing what was inside the envelope, the mother burst into tears.

Aside from the surprise visits to the hospital, Yuri also started a Patreon that aims to raise funds to help the homeless, elderly, sick children, disabled, and anyone in need. Truly, not all superheroes have super powers but most of them have a heart. Just like Yuri, try to make someone smile. It could change a life.

Yuri also started a Patreon that aims to raise funds to help the homeless, elderly, sick children, disabled, and anyone in need.

Now, he’s been known to be a superhero in all 50 states giving help to people who need him. You could be a superhero too. We could all be superheroes if we put our hearts into it.

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