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Jeff Bezos Resigns! Did Amazon CEO/Owner resign from his post?

Jeff Bezos Resigns! Did Amazon CEO/Owner resign from his post?

Jeff Bezos Resigns
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Jeff Bezos resigns! Is a well-known man due to his title of one of the world’s richest men. Jeff Bezos is about 54 years old and has a net worth of around 185.7 billion US dollars. He is also known for a title called CEO and President for a brand named Amazon

What is Amazon?

Amazon is the largest multinational company in the world and deals with more than billions of customers. Amazon is an American international company that correlates shopping and digital streaming services, and they also feature cloud computing and artificial intelligence. You might have heard of their famous artificial intelligence called Alexa. 

Amazon currently has a stock price of $3,300, which is a lot when compared to others.

Amazon was born in Washington on July 5, 1994. Amazon was a bookstore that was supposed to sell books online. Later on, they exceeded and then started selling other valuable items such as jewelry, furniture, video game, and electronics.

Amazon is the most successful e-commerce websites ever created, and they have more valuable retailers than Walmart and 24SEVEN. Due to the whooping success of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world.

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Amazon and Its Branches

  • Amazon not only deals with electronic product services, but they also acquire a whole foods market where they sell grocery and daily essentials.
  • Amazon started an Amazon prime service, a streaming OTT service by the brand Amazon. Amazon Prime is now in a side-by-side battle with Netflix, but it is in the world’s top 5 OTT services.
  • Amazon features dozens of thousands of shows and feature films, and they have their own production house.
  • Amazon currently has a Music company and a valuable tag in the music industry as well called Amazon music features various albums and musicians.
  • Amazon also deals with audiobooks and has a famous Kindle brand with its Amazon Kindle book, which is well-known among teens and adults.
  • Today, Amazon has its own Amazon Web services, Amazon publishing, and Amazon studios, which feature various devices and feature films.
  • Amazon provides online services, but they also have a product line called Amazon eco and Amazon fire TV.
  • Currently, Amazon has its app store and different other applications under the parent tag of Amazon.
  • Fire OS by Amazon is also famous for its initial design. Amazon also provides us with Amazon smart storage, which is currently the most elegant way to shop.
  • Jeff Bezos also promises to provide delivery drones and various other futuristic items by the year 2025.

New CEO of amazon after Jeff Bezos Resigns

In a recent tweet, Jeff Bezos mentioned that he would step down as the CEO of Amazon.

Andrew R. Jassy, the chief of Amazon Web services, will be the new CEO of Amazon.

Jessy is currently 53 years old and joined Amazon in 1997, and he also has an MBA from Harvard business school. He is now the CEO of Amazon Web services and also the part-owner of Seattle Kraken.

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