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A Homeless Woman Was Unexpectedly Hired By a Grocery Store

A Homeless Woman Was Unexpectedly Hired By a Grocery Store

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  • A homeless woman who lives in a parking lot was hired by the supermarket that owns the facility. 
  • After months of hard work, this once homeless woman can now afford to move into an apartment to have a decent place to live in. 

What would you do if you were given a second chance in life? 

For this homeless woman in Tennessee, USA, it was a question she has been waiting to answer all her life.

Homeless Woman

But when all hope was gone for this woman, she was suddenly given a precious chance to start a new life. 

Her name is LaShenda Williams, who parks her car every night in a supermarket’s parking lot to sleep there. 

She lost almost everything in life (including a safe place to live in) because of her wrong decisions in life. 

And since she had been into drug addiction and abuse before, Williams cannot find an employer who would willingly accept her.  

But these unfortunate events in her life would start to change because of one precious chance.  

A Whole New Life For Williams 

Virtually living beside Kroger’s supermarket, Williams took a chance to find a job there. 

She never fails to ask Jackie Vandal, the store’s hiring manager, if there is an available job at the store.

On her initial inquiries, the store, unfortunately, hasn’t any available jobs to offer, but it didn’t dampen her spirit.  

But one day, Vandal revealed some delighting news for Williams: Kroger’s supermarket is now open for hiring! 

At first, she couldn’t believe this unexpected news and was too overwhelmed to say any words. After a very long wait, at last, there will be a chance for her to finally get a job! 

With Vandal’s help, Williams filled out an online form for her application, and she was immediately hired by the store!  

According to the hiring manager, one special quality that Williams has is her sincerity to get a job.  

In her long experience as a hiring manager, Vandal can quickly tell an applicant’s level of sincerity.  

The homeless woman’s sincerity to get a job and start again in life is what convinced her to hire Williams. 

Fortunately, the once jobless woman didn’t fail her and the store. Williams is now in her 10th month at Kroger’s supermarket (and going strong!) She is just two months away before she can celebrate her first year in the job! 

What Comes After A New Life? More Blessings! 

Williams’s inspiring story was reported before but has gained renewed interest because of her recent major progress.

One supermarket customer overheard that Williams is now preparing to move into an apartment! 

That progress so delighted the customer that he decided to donate some of his assets to help Williams in moving in. 

This new progress in her life has spread online and served as an ‘update’ to everybody of how Williams is doing right now. 

And with this new progress, everybody is delighted with her achievement. 

A Second Chance Is Also a Second Life 

It is inspiring to see that the once homeless and jobless woman is now progressing in life. 

She may have an unimpressive past, but she was fortunate enough to meet good souls that gave her a much-needed second chance.  

But what’s more delighting here is that she never wasted the trust they willingly gave her. 

Williams proved that she is worthy of their trust and showed that she could take a new path in life. 

Today, she is more determined to make more progress in life and inspire others through her dedication. 

Now dear reader, if I may ask you again: What would you do if you were given a second chance in life?

Video Credit: Good Morning America

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