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A Hilarious Eye-Opener For An Overweight Dog

A Hilarious Eye-Opener For An Overweight Dog

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  • When an overweight dog suddenly dismantled a doggy door and got stuck with it, his owners realized that it was time for him to reduce some weight. 

What the weighing scale can’t say, the doggy door will say truthfully. 

Meet Drax, a lovely dog who found out a “bitter truth” while he was playing with his little cousin dogs.  

Excited to play outside the house, Drax and his dog cousins quickly ran through the doggy door. 

As every dog ran through this door, Drax accidentally dismantled the doggy door, and as a result, it was stucked in his body. 

And it revealed to everybody the problem that has been existing for a while: Drax is already … overweight! 

overweight dog

His family was a bit shocked and amused by this discovery, that’s why they took a quick action and brought a solution that Drax may not like much: A doggy diet! 

Drax indeed received so much love from his family, that his bodyweight can’t help but show it. But his life now was much much more different when his family first saw him. 

Let us take a short hop in time and explore this dog’s heartwarming origin. 

Curled Up Outside The Store 

One of Drax’s family, Charmaine Hulley, who lives with her sister in Australia, recalled how her sister found their lovely dog.

According to her, her sister found him curled up outside a local supermarket store years ago. 

Appalled by his skinny and lonely condition, her sister didn’t think twice about bringing this abandoned dog to their home.  

Her sister shared how the skinny Drax was so terrified of being in her car. 

But she did her best to comfort him all the way to their home, and fortunately, the dog calmed down and felt at ease with her sister’s presence. 

When Drax arrived at the Hulley’s residence, he was quickly welcomed by her sister’s little dogs. 

And that was the day that his life was completely changed. 

His new family did their best to show the love that he truly deserves, and it was the love that he didn’t experience for a very long time. 

According to Charmaine, Drax is one of the calmest yet happiest dog she has ever seen. That is why she and her sister, including their little dogs, never found it hard to love him. 

This Overweight Dog Just Pulled Out A Surprise 

Charmaine’s sister eventually decided to move out of the house, and bring Drax along with her. 

But when Drax and his owner returned and visited one day, Charmaine admitted that she was a bit shocked. 

The once skinny dog was almost unrecognizable because of the weight he has gained. With that, there was already no question if he was really loved by his owner or not! 

But it seems that Charmaine’s sister, especially Drax, has never noticed this major change.

Until an unexpected– and funny incident. 

Drax accidentally dismantled their doggy door, and because of his bigger (or rather fatty) body now, it got stucked to his body.  

At first, he was confused about this little accident. 

But he quickly returned to his “business” of playing with his cousin dogs (while carrying the doggy door stucked in his body) 

When everybody saw this, it became a mix of laughter and concern. They quickly helped Drax in removing the metal thing on his body and gave him a nice pat. 

With this unexpected incident, it dawned on them that their lovely Drax has indeed gained an enormous weight. And it was revealed in the most astonishing way. 

Now, Drax’s family is starting to make some new adjustments to help him reduce his weight. 

Though he has been a very good boy to them, Drax must now expect fewer servings of doggy meals and treats.  

This might not sound too good for our baby boy, but yes, this adjustment is for his own good. 

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