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A Heroic Nurse Gave Birth To A Beggar In The Street

A Heroic Nurse Gave Birth To A Beggar In The Street

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  • A brave and Heroic Nurse in Philippines helped a beggar in giving her a successful birth.
Heroic Nurse in Philippines

Not all heroes appear with a grand entrance, sometimes they simply appear as passers-by. 

That’s what Lorraine Pingol, a nurse from the Philippines, has proved to everybody through her heroic act. 

Lorraine never expected anything new when she was going to work one day when suddenly, some street guards hurriedly approached her. 

Thinking that she might have accidentally violated some street rules, she immediately asked what was wrong. 

Baffled by their desperate faces, Lorraine knew that there was something wrong, but had no clue at what really it was. 

The guards were in a hurry that they weren’t able to explain what was really happening. All they could say at that time was:

We need your help!

The guards then led the nurse to a particular corner in the street, and there, she saw a beggar lying on the street. 

At first glance, the beggar seems to be merely sleeping, but what she saw next would wake up the hidden hero in her. 

She saw that the lying beggar had actually given birth to a baby, continuously bleeding, and with the baby’s umbilical cord still attached to her.  

Lorraine was actually getting late for her work that morning, but she didn’t think twice of helping the mother, especially her baby.  

With the mother continuously bleeding, Lorraine knows that she needs to act fast before anything severe might happen to the mother.

She immediately bent down to cut the baby’s umbilical cord and removed all the remaining placenta from the mother to prevent further bleeding.  

She then wiped the baby soaked with blood and other fluids and gently put her in a cloth. 

It was almost an effortless procedure, but it is surprising to know that it’s been nine years since she last gave birth to a mother.

But since this was a desperate situation, she knew that she needed to act fast, but with total caution. 

She was so happy and grateful after successfully attending to the mother and her baby’s needs. 

Lorraine believes that it was God’s plan for her to pass by on that street in a time where someone desperately needs her help.  

The Reason Behind Lorraine’s Natural Desire To Help 

Lorraine Pongol said that it was always her desire to provide help to other people as long as she can give it. 

According to her, it was her way of reflecting back all the blessings she received in her life. 

Also, she mentioned that when she was the one who desperately needed help, a lot of people willingly offered their help to her. 

This situation occurred way back in 2013, when she was diagnosed with Leukemia which put her immune system in a vulnerable state.  

But she still feels so blessed because she received a lot of help from other people so she could continue her journey in life. 

Her condition forced her to stop working in the hospital to prevent being exposed to infections that would put her low immunity at risk.  

Now, she is working as a company nurse for an insurance company. 

Heroic Nurse in Philippines Grateful To Be A Great Example 

Lorraine said that she feels so grateful to all the people who expressed their gratitude for what she did. 

But more than that, she is thankful for being a good example to her fellow medical personnel, especially to the frontiers who bravely battle the global pandemic every day. 

With this inspiring story, Lorraine hopes that people would learn the importance of selflessness and bravery to make this world a better place.

Video Credit: GMA News
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