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A Heroic Nurse Has Decided To Donate Her Kidney To An 18-Month-Old Baby

A Heroic Nurse Has Decided To Donate Her Kidney To An 18-Month-Old Baby

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  • A heroic nurse who works in New Jersey has decided to donate her kidney to a baby named Bodie, who badly needs a kidney transplant at that time.
  • Bodie’s parents weren’t able to donate their kidneys because of two reasons: first, the blood type of his father doesn’t match with him, and two, Bodie’s mother has already donated her kidney to his older sister. 

It’s really amazing how strangers will suddenly show up in our lives to deliver the miracles we need. 

This is what exactly happened to Gloria and Brandon Hall, who was going through the most challenging part of their lives yet. 

Their 18-month-old son, Bodie Hall, was born with a rare kidney disorder called Congenital Nephrotic Syndrome. 

And their son badly needs a kidney transplant. 

Of course, both Gloria and Brandon would be more than willing to donate theirs — but the problem is, neither of them is the perfect candidate for Bodie. 

Brandon’s blood type doesn’t match his son, while Gloria has already donated one of her kidneys to Bodie’s older sister. 

With these odds, Bodie’s doctors at the M Health Fairview immediately put him on the transplant list. They even advised Gloria and Brandon to tap the power of social media to increase their chances of having a kidney donor for Bodie. 

The husband and wife are going through a lot of pains at that time, but when all their hopes are starting to crumble, one bright miracle has suddenly come along their way.

Heroic Nurse Taylor Pikkarainen

Pikkarainen is a traveling nurse from Minnesota and was in New Jersey to work with the COVID-19 patients there. But it appears that these patients are not the only people who would be needing her help at that time. 

heroic nurse

During her stay in New Jersey, she learned that there was one patient who needs a kidney transplant, and as a nurse, she knew how critical it was. 

Without thinking twice, Pikkarainen immediately filled out the paperwork to enlist herself as a possible donor for the 18-month-old boy. 

Bodie’s doctors saw and reviewed her application and were delighted to see that out of the other several candidates; she was the best match for the baby boy! 

Though Pikkarainen’s act was truly commendable, it cannot be denied that it was still unbelievable. 

Asked why she did it for a total stranger, she said: “It’s definitely part of my calling, helping people.” 

She felt so happy at that time because she had the chance to provide a big help for somebody. 

But her happiness is definitely exceeded by the happiness felt by Gloria and Brandon, who was so grateful for what Pikkarainen did. 

The success of finding the best donor for Bodie was also made possible by a new matching technology called “epitope mapping.” 

This new technology helps doctors narrow down the best donor for a patient, which saves patients from organ rejection risks. 

And Pikkarainen’s matching with Bodie was one of the first cases where this technology was used. 

One more fascinating thing about this story was that the surgery took place exactly on Pikkarainen’s birthday! 

She was more than grateful that she had spent her birthday this year on a worthy cause. 

It’s ironic that on her birthday, it was her who would provide an unforgettable gift for someone, and for her, there’s no better way to celebrate a special day like that. 

The doctors have decided to provide Bodie with anti-rejection medication after the surgery, and they are hoping that the technology they’ve used to match him with Pikkarainen would decrease other possible risks. 

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