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An Energy From Gravity? Is It Possible?

An Energy From Gravity? Is It Possible?

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  • A Scottish company has developed a new system that turns gravity into a source of energy.

What else could gravity do aside from pulling everything down? 

It turns out that it can generate electricity, too – “Gravity Energy”! 

Gravity Energy

This fact might appear as a surprising thing, but one Scottish company is betting on the immense potential of this discovery.  

This company is called Gravitricity (which is a very creative name, I must admit). 

Gravitricity has started developing a system to make gravity as a viable source of energy in the near future. 

Gravity seems to be the last thing that one could think of when it comes to new sources of energy. Yes, it is recognized as a strong force, but not as an alternative source of energy — until today. 

But the question is, how does “harvesting” energy from gravity really works? Let’s find out! 

How To Tap A Gravity Energy?

Gravitricity has developed a system where energy can be stored by leveraging the power of gravity. 

Basically, this system lifts and drops huge and heavy objects to generate and store electricity. 

What Gravitricity does is to suspend huge heavy objects in the air using robust cables and winches. This suspension of heavy objects stores immense potential energy that can be used anytime it is needed. 

The system’s tower measures 16 meters high and can lift (two) 25-ton objects and can generate around 250 kilowatts of electricity. 

But how exactly heavy is a 25-ton object? 

To give you a clear idea, 25 tons is as heavy as an average charter bus loaded with passengers and luggage. 

Now, imagine a crane that can lift two of such buses, and you’ll get the idea of how strong it is.

The next question is, how exactly can the potential energy generated from the lifting of heavy objects be tapped? 

Simple: The suspended heavy object will be put down to generate new energy that can be stored. 

It works like a windmill and a dam, but instead of wind and water moving the turbines to power up generators, Gravitricity uses the force of potential energy to fill its generators. 

What Are Its Capabilities and Other Potentials?

According to the firm, the unit they are developing has peak power outputs of 1 to 20 megawatts. Not only that, it can even last up to five decades without showing any signs of lagging performance.

Also, it can change from zero to full power in less than a second! (let that sink in).  

But how Gravitrcity charges it’s system’s huge mechanical battery? This is where other renewable sources of energy come in. These sources power up the system’s winch to lift the systems’ heavy load again to generate new potential energy.  

Based on the firm’s estimate, it’s system currently has 80 to 90 percent efficiency. 

One major thing that makes gravity a viable source of energy in the future is its low cost of operation. Gravitricty doesn’t really use any groundbreaking technology in its power generating system. 

It uses existing and low-cost technology and procedures to tap power from a whole new source. Its system is undoubtedly cheaper to build and operate than grid-scale energy storage systems. 

Future Plans 

Gravitricity is now starting to build its demonstration facility that will test it’s all over the system next year. 

Two of the system’s most critical parts are being built by two different companies from separate locations. 

Huisman, a company based on the Czech Republic, was tasked to build a custom winch and control systems for Gravitricty.  

The task to build the system’s powerful crane was given to Kelvin Power, a company based in England. 

Once these two critical parts are complete, they will be shipped in Edinburgh to finally construct Gravtricity’s demo machine. 

Through this demo machine, Gravitrcity wants to know the full potential of gravity as a new source of energy. 

The firm plans to conduct a series of tests to identify the areas it needs to modify in its system. 

All these critical tests are planned to start in 2021. 

Once this stage becomes successful, Gravitricty plans to build an even more powerful 4 MegaWatts facility later that year. 

Gravity’s Promising Capabilities 

The existing renewable energies today are undoubtedly safer for the environment than traditional energy sources. 

But the limits of these energies hinder their capacity to completely replace humanity’s dirty energy sources. 

It seems that “safety,” “cleanliness,” “cheapness,” and “limitlessness” are factors that cannot be found on a single type of energy. 

Polluting energy sources are abundant and cheap, while clean energies are often expensive and have their limits. 

But gravity will now change all these limits. 

Through the procedures made to tap its energy, gravity can now provide the world with the energy that everyone needs.

It’s amazing how this force holds all the factors that are ideal for an energy source. 

Gravity is non-pollutant, unlimited, and, most of all, cheaper to produce and maintain, which makes it a promising energy of the future.  

With its immense potential, coal, fossil fuels, solar panels, and wind turbines might all be shivering right now, don’t you think?

Video Source: Cleantech Innovate

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