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A Blind Woman For Over A Decade Miraculously Regained Eyesight

A Blind Woman For Over A Decade Miraculously Regained Eyesight

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  • In The Philippines: A Grandmother Suffering Blindness For Over 10 Years Miraculously Regained Eyesight. 

An old lady from the Philippines has grabbed the headlines recently because of her miraculous story. 

A story of miraculous healing that for so long can only be seen from the stories in the Bible has now come into life. 

Bonifacia Dela Cruz, a 94 year old grandmother from the Philippines, has reportedly regained her eyesight after living in blindness for more than ten years.  

She lives in the 5th class municipality of Buruanga in Aklan Province in the Philippines. 

According to her, she can still clearly remember that moment when she saw the rays of sun again when she woke up one morning. 

That day, Bonifacia thought that she was just dreaming, but when she realized that everything was real, she started to cry in happiness. 

She immediately called her grandchildren very loudly to say this terrific incident. 

Her grandchildren rushed and came inside Bonifacia’s room, thinking that something terrible had happened to her, but actually, it was the contrary. 

When Bonifacia finally saw her grandchildren again with her renewed eyesight, she couldn’t help but cry and thank God for this miracle. 

Divine Intervention 

Bonifacia would be the first to testify that this miraculous incident came from God himself. 

According to her, it was God’s reward for her unwavering faith all these years, that even blindness could not certainly bend.  

Her granddaughter and daughter-in-law also echo this sentiment as they became witnesses of Bonifacia’s unbelievable faith in God.  

Her granddaughter admitted that she lost all hopes that her grandmother would be able to see again until this incredible incident happened.  

In her more than ten years living in the “darkness”, not a single day had passed that she wouldn’t give thanks to God. 

Even with her blindness, Bonifacia has never forgotten to pray consistently to God, which serves as an excellent example for others. 

She is the perfect paradox of someone who has lived in the dark but had always lived in the light. 

Her Blindness Story

Miraculously Regained Eyesight

Stepping back in time, Bonifacia’s journey towards blindness started in 2008 when her left eye began to blur because of cataracts. 

Unfortunately, her right eye also began to blur that eventually led Bonifacia into total blindness. 

Since then, Bonifacia had to live her life without her precious eyesights. 

Fortunately, what she didn’t lose are her caring grandchildren and relatives who did everything they could to take care of her. 

But deep inside, Bonifacia knows that this painful incident in her life was just a test for her faith. 

Did Bonifacia Have the Chance to See Even Before Miraculously Regained Eyesight? 

The answer is yes. 

Through a laser surgery, Bonifacia had the opportunity to regain her eyesight, but doctors eventually decided to cancel the operation.  

But why did her doctors withhold this great opportunity from her? 

The doctors decided to cancel the operation because Bonifacia’s blood pressure rose so high when they started the operation. 

Believing that they might put her in a fatal situation if they pursue the operation, they decided to permanently cancel it. 

But deep inside, Bonifacia knew that it wasn’t yet the right time to take the “special gift” that she desires. 

She knew at that time that her faith should be tested even further so she can prove that she is worthy of this gift. 

A Brandnew Life With a Brand New Eyesight 

After more than a decade of living in darkness, Bonifacia’s faith in God has never changed; in fact, it has strengthened even further!  

Now, she savors every moment of her eyesight by looking at how beautiful the world is. 

She amuses herself by looking at her reflection in the mirror, and even quips that she had remained beautiful all this time.  

But what she truly loves about her regained eyesight is that she can finally see her loved ones again, especially her grandchildren and daughter. 

She has waited for a very long time for this miracle to happen, and now, she is happily living in her dream. 

She may have lost her eyesight for a very long time, but her heart never lost sight of the light that comes from the Divine.

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