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California Is Under Attack By …

California Is Under Attack By …

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  • Residents were shocked by the seeming invasion in their community. 
  • Another shocking incident during the pandemic. 

The goats invasion has arrived.

It appears that a group of animals has been plotting to take over the world these past few years, and the hapless residents of San Jose, California was chosen to be their first stop.

San Jose residents were still adjusting to their conditions as strict quarantines have been implemented on their place as a precautionary measure against the virus. Little did they know that a surprise takeover would happen that day, leaving them unprepared and defenseless.

And these creatures are obviously … hungry! 

But would the residents need to run for their lives?

Actually … no, there’s no need for that.

It turns out that these “invaders” were not those usual ferocious and flesh-hungry extra-terrestrials we see in movies, yes, they are raging and hungry, but … they are not after the flesh of the startled residents – they are after their … lawns.

Who Are These Guys? 

Residents were shocked but immediately calmed down as they saw that the approaching creatures were far from being ferocious.

It was a herd of goats!

And their over 200-strong army marched on San Jose streets without any warning!

The residents were indeed alarmed by this site, but the fear immediately subsided and turned into amusement as they can’t believe that this would happen in their community.

The goats happily marched on their streets undisturbed as everyone was inside their homes due to their community’s quarantine protocols.

But one resident, Zach Roelands, just couldn’t pass up the chance of capturing this awesome moment, and later uploaded it in his Twitter account – and the next thing he knew, the goat “invasion” scene spread like wildfire on the web.

But Where Did These Goats Come From? 

The only possible reason why these hundreds of goats were able to flood the San Jose streets is because they have escaped on their electric fences. 

Goats Invasion

It is not yet clear how they were able to do it, but it seems that they couldn’t just contain their excitement in roaming the streets without any human interventions. (Maybe they have heard the news about the quarantine?)

But according to Roelands, these goats are actually not an unusual sight in their community, as they are hired by the residents to eat the weeds and brush around them that may cause a fire.

But it was their first time to see literally hundreds of them roaming the streets, which was an amusing sight to see.

It was such a sight to behold that even one of the dogs in the community can’t help but run towards the herd and join the “revolutionary march.”

The Aftermath of the Great March 

Though the goats’ sudden appearance is certainly a more welcome experience than a Martian attack, the community was left with munched potted plants, poops here and there, that would surely cause a few (but manageable headaches) on the residents.

But before they can make further damage, these more than 200 goats were later rounded up and brought back inside their fences. (They have lots of things to explain to their shepherd later)

But residents still have something to thank for because an unusual, amusing and funny incident had happened during their community quarantine, a light moment that they really need during these gloomy times.

But after all that has happened that day; the biggest question still remains:

Who Let The Goats Out?

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