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Guess What Can You Possibly Find Hiding Inside a Supermarket Banana

Guess What Can You Possibly Find Hiding Inside a Supermarket Banana

Supermarket Frog
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  • A Colombian “local” hopped on a banana bunch and found its way on a supermarket. 
  • Frog Found in Bananas found a new home thanks to the good staff of the supermarket. 
Frog Found in Bananas

It was a normal day for the workers of the Asda store in Murray Street in Llanelli when they found a shocking discovery in one of the bunches of bananas that the store is selling.

And what did they find hiding in one of the bunches of bananas?

A frog!

With this discovery, it became very clear for all of them that this innocent little frog was able to survive on a grueling 5,000 mile trip from Columbia to South Wales — all without food and water.

But how can this little fellow pulled that of?

One of the most incredible abilities of mammals, just like this frog, is their ability to slow down their metabolism in order to conserve energy when there are no food and water available. 

And the frog, which they later named “Asda” as a tribute to his ‘saviors’, used this ability to the full extent to survive on the very long journey.

His original home was obviously in Colombia, the United Kingdom’s largest banana supplier which delivers hundreds of thousands of tonnes of bananas to the U.K  each year.

And now, the question is, where would be Asda’s next permanent home? 

Frog Found in Bananas Named as Asda’s Find New Home

The supermarket staff decided that Asda’s effort to survive on a very long journey without food and water must not end in vain. 

Though far from being an expert in handling amphibians such as Asda, the best thing they could do is to transfer the frog to people who can truly take care of him.

They transferred the little frog on ‘Silent World To You,’ a specialty animal center with complete facilities, equipment, and above all, expertise to take care of animals like Asda.

There, he would live in a heated animal house in a planted terrarium, which would be a perfect environment for frogs outside the forest.

But since this would be a whole new environment again for Asda, he was given a number of banana skins that would help him acclimatize or slowly adapt to his new home.

He would now live in a kingly life as the animal center has already made a special order of crickets as a fitting meal for him after a very very long journey without food and water. 

The Heroes Who Had Saved Asda 

Actually, the animal center was already Asda’s third home so far.

His second home was on one of the staff’s homes, who decided to bring him home while figuring out the next best thing they could do for him.

Asda was truly lucky because he was found by the staff first.

If ever he was accidentally brought by one of the store’s customers in their house, he might end up, not in an animal center, but in a garbage can, or worse, being flushed in a toilet.

The staff clearly showed that every inhabitant in this world must be valued and must experience love in whatever way possible, no matter how big, and in Asda’s case, no matter how small they are.

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