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At Last, Free Tickets To Space! Thanks To A Generous Japanese Billionaire!

At Last, Free Tickets To Space! Thanks To A Generous Japanese Billionaire!

Tickets To Space by Yusaku Maezawa
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  • Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire, offers free tickets to space for eight lucky people around the world. 
  • He and his future crewmates would use SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft, and they are scheduled to make a trip around the moon in 2023. 

There’s no doubt that everybody would love to go to space, to see the Earth in its full glory, and experience the vastness of the Universe! 

But it seems that there would be one more thing that everybody would surely love, aside from going to space. And what could this be, you might ask?

Free tickets to space ! 

But as everybody knows, space tourism is still a few years from now. And while there’s no doubt that it will become a reality soon, no one expects that it would be immediately available to everyone. 

Also, the available space tickets are extremely expensive that anyone who can afford these tickets would not even dare to give them for free. 

But one generous billionaire dared to make a bold move by offering not just one free space ticket but eight jaw-dropping tickets! 

Tickets To Space

His name is Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire who made his fortune by establishing a very successful online fashion company. 

He may be an extremely rich guy, but one thing that makes him similar to everybody is his dream of going to space! 

And one great thing about him is that even though he can afford to make this dream a reality, he chose not to keep this privilege all by himself. 

In a surprising announcement that caught everyone’s attention, he announced through his Twitter account that he would provide free space tickets to eight lucky individuals! 

The Japanese billionaire opened this opportunity for everyone in the world, giving everybody a chance to prove themselves if they are worthy of this ‘out-of-this-world’ opportunity. 

According to Maezawa, applicants should have these two major criteria for them to be an eligible part of his future ‘space crew’. 

First, they must have a passion for exceeding possibilities, and second, they must be a source of motivation and inspiration for their future crewmates.

And while these criteria are certainly broad ones, the requirements that Maezawa implemented prove that he wants to open his opportunity to as many people as possible. 

Billionaire Meets Billionaire 

Aside from Maezawa’s extreme generosity, one other man that deserves credit for making this opportunity a reality is non-other than Elon Musk, the man behind SpaceX. 

Tickets To Space

Musk, who made big investments and crazy efforts to bring SpaceX where it is now, has proudly announced in 2018 that Maezawa was the first man to book a flight in its Starship spacecraft. Not only did he book a flight for himself, but for eight lucky people as well! 

While the SpaceX Starship is still in the development stage as of this moment, Elon Musk promised that the ship would be ready for Maezawa and his crew in 2023. 


There’s no doubt that the free space trip initiated by Maezawa is extremely exciting, but everybody must be reminded that it also entails major dangers. 

Space travel, just like any type of travel, is not exempted from risks, accidents, and other unfortunate scenarios. 

The Apollo 13 and the Space Shuttle Challenger incidents prove that even with all the precautionary measures involved in space travel, there’s still a possibility that accidents would always happen. 

And these risks can be clearly seen with the test flights done by SpaceX on its Starship prototype spacecraft. In these test flights, not only their prototypes have failed to land safely but exploded either before or after touching the ground.

But Elon Musk promised that their Starship’s imperfections would be smoothened out in time for its debut space flight in 2023. And space enthusiasts are clinging to this promise as they all hope that space travel would finally be ‘liberated’ and be made available for more people. 

One Of A Kind Opportunity 

Thanks to Maezawa’s incredible initiative, eight lucky people would soon board with him in the Starship spacecraft and make an amazing trip around the moon. 

And while he cannot provide this chance for every single people in the world, his initiative is enough to inspire the current generation to fall in love with space again. 

But above all, it would make everyone realize that aside from our home, there is still a vast world out there, waiting to be discovered and explored.

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