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A Father-Daughter Photo Inspires The Twitterverse

A Father-Daughter Photo Inspires The Twitterverse

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  • A father-daughter photos on Twitter that chronicles her daughter’s three stages of academic life. 
  • The father posted these pictures as a contribution to the current trend on Twitter called “How It Started vs. How It’s Going”. 
  • His post was so well-received that it got nearly a million likes and a lot of heartwarming comments. 

When was the last time you saw something lovely and wholesome on Twitter? 

Well, one proud Irish dad has just uploaded something that would surely bring a big smile (and tears) to everyone. 

Father-daughter photo on Viral

Ciaran Shanon, who lives in Belfast, U.K with his family, just shared three heartwarming pictures of his daughter’s three stages of academic life. 

father-daughter photo on twitter

On each picture, he and his daughter, Niamh, chose the same spot and the same pose, which is fantastic to look at when the pictures are placed side-by-side. 

All the photos show the father and daughter holding hands while smiling at the camera. 

The uploaded pictures were Ciaran’s response to the trending Twitter challenge called “How It Started vs. How It’s Going”. 

And with all the countless contributions for this challenge, Ciaran’s post was certainly one of the great rare gems.  

The first pic, which shows the toddler Niamh, was her first day at primary school in September 1999.  

The second pic was Niamh’s last day at secondary school in May 2013, and the last pic shows her in her graduation gown.  

With the same pose and at the same spot, it was also the same person who took all these lovely shots: Brenda Shanon, Niamh’s mother. 

And Brenda can never be more proud of how his husband loved their daughter all this time.  

The Twitterverse loved the photos so much that the proud dad who just wants to participate in a popular challenge became an instant celebrity.  

When interviewed on BBC, Ciaran admitted that he was “flabbergasted” with the overwhelming response he got from his post.  

He also added: “The good thing is that now nearly a million people know how proud I am of my daughter.” 

Ciaran’s tweet, which was made just days ago, has currently garnered 950,000 likes, 80,000 retweets, and 6,000 quote tweets. 

And all these numbers just keep on getting higher, as more and more people appreciate these lovely pics.  

Let us take a look at some of the fantastic comments that his “entry” got from the Twitterverse: 

“So lovely – seeing the kiddies grow, that’s what it’s all about.” 

  • Aideen Kennedy 


  • imeelyons 

“What a brilliant series of photos. Love it.” 

  • Ann Marie (Sheerin) Part 

“How lovely. This made me smile so wide. Thank you.” 

  • Colm Tobin 

“You win Ciaran. I’ve seen some pretty good takes on this whole how it started/how it’s going tweet today — but this is by far the best.” 

  • Joe Lennon 

“Oh this is the wholesome content we need in our lives.” 

  • Sophie 

“Oh this is lovely it made me cry! My dad was so unbelievably proud when I graduated and I sense you have the same pride for your lovely daughter. I hope you continue to have a lovely relationship.” 

  • MissPagetEnglish 

There are just too many lovely comments that are worthy of being shared but won’t fit on this page.  

But with the comments you’ve seen above, you’ll get a feel of how everybody thirsts for something that is inspiring. 

In today’s world, when almost everything is filled with rage, profanities, and uncertainties, Ciaran’s tweet is truly a refreshing one. 

But it seems that his three photos are not yet complete. As one Twitter user pointed out, the next photo would surely be her daughter wearing a wedding dress. 

Now, that is the next lovely photo waiting to happen. 

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