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The famous Rapper Lil Wayne gets charged for carrying an Illegal Weapon!

The famous Rapper Lil Wayne gets charged for carrying an Illegal Weapon!

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  • Rapper Lil Wayne carrying an illegal weapon
  • Lil getting arrested
  • Lil Wayne might end up serving a decade of punishment.

Talk about bad luck! The famous Rapper who has brought the revolution to rap and pop culture will be behind bars for a long time.

The New York Times posted yesterday about the Rapper going behind bars and ending up in Jail; the famous Rapper got charged for having an illegal weapon and ammunition while flying in a private jet.

What he got charged for?

Rapper Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne got charged for carrying a .45 caliber Glock Handgun and the ammunition of the gun while traveling in a jet last year.

The matter was going on for quite some time, and finally, the Rapper pleaded guilty last Friday. Carrying any weapon at an airport or in your private jet is a crime and doesn’t approve permission to carry weapons.

You can not carry any weapon unless you are an authority or security guard of someone rich or a politician, or you have control of bringing weapons on the plane. He should not have carried any guns, which Lil Wayne didn’t understand, and still chose to take a gold-plated Glock handgun with him. 

Was the gun legal?

No, the gun and ammunition of the gun were both illegally bought, making the case more severe for Lil Wayne. If it were legal and licensed, maybe he wouldn’t even be going to Jail in the first place.

How did he get the gun?

Lil Wayne told the Miami police officers that it was a fathers day gift for him, and he didn’t buy it for himself.

Are there any other charges pressed against Lil Wayne?

Yes, as soon as the Artist got filled up with the charge of carrying an illegal weapon, the Miami Police Officers had to go and check the plane out. They found cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, marijuana, and different drugs, 26k cash, and pills on that plane.

So Lil Wayne also got charged for a drug offense, making it even harder for him to get out of the situation. In 2007, the Rapper pleaded guilty to a gun charge, which did affect the sentence of his crime.

How long does Lil Wayne have to stay in Jail?

According to the court, on Jan 28, 2021, the Miami Federal Court will sentence the Rapper. Lil Wayne is there for ten years in Jail.

It’s not an easy time for Lil Wayne.

However, the sentence may get less on the note that he hasn’t used or branded the weapon in any way, and also because he came out straight and accepted the crime and pleaded guilty.

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