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Experience The New: TESLA S

Experience The New: TESLA S

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Tesla S

Tesla S all up with geared technical elegance and high tech smart solution for your daily needs.

Model S has a powerful interior aspect with high power motor that can gear up to 60 miles in just 1.99 sec. It also has an aerodynamic body, which provides aerodynamic for more fluidity. It comes with a 200Mph top speed, and it doesn’t go up than that, so to back it up, it is not a racing car, so the speed doesn’t interfere with the basic car spec does a great job.

Tesla S at it’s finest

Tesla Model S has a peak turbo of around 1,020hp, and to sum it up, it is not a lot but a decent category. The model s also provides us with a white and minimal base layer interior. It also has a redesigned lower seat portion, which provides higher boot space and long leg span. The design elements are showcased with proper boot space that also goes around with elegance.

The design of the new Tesla surprises us all due to its elegant and minimalistic environment. It has black and Matt finish to it. It also comes in with an ultimate focus on driving with its autopilot feature and features an airplane-style handle. The design of Tesla also provides us with a high-quality steering wheel. The design is in the shape of airplane steering. It is one of the most futuristic things that Tesla can do in your car.

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If you think that was the only futuristic thing, well, you’re wrong; Tesla also provides you with a high-quality tablet that also enables all-new smart solutions. It also has a HEPA filter and has premium ventilation features that are directly connected to your tablet.

Now coming over to the backseat, it has increased boot space with high-quality aircraft grade seats. The seats are comfortable with high-quality materials and design. Tesla also provides us with a white color background for the seat and a wooden material palette.

The new Tesla also provides us with a gaming tablet for back seats, and you can play various games bundled in with the new Tesla. It also comes in with a wireless controller and has high-quality sound output. The screen has a 4K resolution and can provide you with high-quality video. It also comes in with various multi Bluetooth device connections, and you can fast-charge mobile phones and tablets. One of the essential things lacking in today’s cars is the lock-in laptop chargers, but Tesla also provides you with the high power laptop charger.

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It also comes in with 22 speaker grid design. It also comes in with a 960-watt audio system that has high-quality sound output. It also has a higher boot space that can store your bicycle and various other luggage.

Tesla also focused on some of the exterior design panels that support Aas with the lowest drag performance and has an aerodynamic body.

Overall, Tesla s one of the most futuristic cars you can get in 2021. It has everything when it comes to the vehicle and its tech specification. Let’s hope Tesla soon brings the flying car to the sky or roads.

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