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Dog rescued by a guy from Kazakhstan: Human chain saves the dog’s life.

Dog rescued by a guy from Kazakhstan: Human chain saves the dog’s life.

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  • Dog rescued! When the world is falling apart when people are killing each other and destroying nature, some people are still trying to save as many lives as possible.

It’s not just people trying to save even animals, no matter if they risk their own lives.

These people showed the same act of kindness and bravery and risked their own lives to keep a dog rescued and safe from drowning in the stream. 

A man from Almata, Kazakhstan, save the dog from getting Swept Away.

Video Source: The Dodo

In this article, you can see the video on The Dodo Youtube Channel where the guy from Almata Kazakhstan risks his life and going for a dog that is stuck on a stream. The dog was just inches away from getting flooded and dying; the pressure was too much for the dog to move and get out.

If the dog had tried to move, he probably would have swept away with the stream and end up getting drowned.

The dog got stuck in the middle of the stream, and it was not long before he would have gotten drowned.

However, the guy sees that and starts to climb down the steep wall to save the dog. The water pressure was enough even to sweep away the guy if he slips.

Luckily the guy was slow and steady with his movement, and he approached the dog and pulled him to the corner near the steep wall.

Did the guy save the dog?

dog rescued

Not yet, he did get the dog. However, the most challenging thing was yet not started; the wall was too steep for him to climb with the dog.

The guy and dog would have drowned in an instant if they slipped while climbing, after seeing the hard efforts and kindness of that guy. Many people started gathering there and calling as many people as they see.

All of them hold the grill above the wall and start making a human chain to pull the guy and dog up. Three guys came up and started to reach the guy; however, it was still not enough to get to him and the dog.

The guy kept on trying to put the dog or himself close enough to the others, but he kept on slipping down.

Were they able to save the guy and dog?

After a while, yes! Many men started to gather, the people running and walking stopped, and they began to figure out.

Then they tied one guy on the top for support and started making a human chain again. This time, because of the people’s help, they could reach the guy and the dog, and with effort and support from each other, everyone, including the dog, got saved.

We need more heroes like these people who did whatever they could to keep a dog’s life by risking their own lives.

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