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An Impressive Act of Sportsmanship

An Impressive Act of Sportsmanship

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  • A triathlon athlete lets his opponent cross the finish line knowing that his fellow player deserves to win. 
  • This inspiring act of sportsmanship earned a lot of praise from various parts of the world. 

In a world filled with intense competitions, sportsmanship still endures. 

This is what a lot of people have witnessed in Santander Triathlon, which was held recently in Madrid, Spain. 

Diego Mentriga

In this competition, one particular triathlon athlete rose as an unexpected hero. But the thing is, he was not even one of the medalists of this triathlon competition. 

His name is Diego Mentriga, who proved that it would take more than shiny medals to really embody the spirit of sportsmanship.  

But how did this man capture everyone’s astonishment without even getting a single place in the competition?

Let us take a look at his story. 

Bringing Sportsmanship To A New Level 

Diego Mentriga, a Spanish 21-year-old triathlete, is just a few moments away from the finish line to clinch the competition’s 3rd place.

But he quickly noticed the reason why he had suddenly gained an advantage in the race. 

Mentriga realized that his British opponent, James Teagle, took a wrong turn in the race track.  

And the next thing that will happen is something that everyone would not even expect. 

Realizing what just happened, Mentriga willingly stopped in the racetrack and let Teagle reach the finish line. 

This unexpected moment quickly spread on social media and drew a lot of praise from different parts of the world.  

Mentriga later said that Teagle deserves to win because he has always been ahead of him in the race.  

He admitted that it was only because of Teagle’s mistake that he was able to gain an advantage in the competition.

Mentriga may not have won the competition’s third place, but he definitely earned the praise of everyone because of his sportsmanship.  

Earning The Respect Of The World 

Right before stepping into the finish line, Teagle gave Mentriga a firm and grateful handshake. 

He was thankful that even if the bronze medal was at stake, Mentriga selflessly stopped in the racetrack to do the right thing.  

The Santander Triathlon’s winner, Javier Gomez Noya, can’t help but praise his fellow athlete’s sportsmanship. He describes the act as the “best in history.” 

Athletes and personalities outside the triathlon world have also expressed their amazement about Mentriga’s inspiring act. 

In a tweet, Iker Casillas, a Spanish former professional football player, said that the athlete’s act is already a “Top 1” itself.  

Adrian San Miguel, a Spanish football player, also praised him through a tweet, saying: “The real values of SPORT in a single gesture.”  

Gur Worland, an Australian TV and radio personality expressed his joy in four simple words: “This is sportsmanship personified.” 

Peter Lalor, an Australian writer and editor, asked his Twitter followers regarding the incident: “How many of us would do this?” 

These are just one of the many and almost countless praises that Mentriga earned from various parts of the world. 

Without any doubt, he really deserves these praises. 

A Refreshing Act For The World 

When almost everybody is obsessed with medals, prestige, and fame, here we are, being “served” with an unbelievable act of sportsmanship.  And this is very refreshing to see.

It is everybody’s hope that through this selfless act, many would be inspired to express this same kindness. 

And just imagine if everybody can contribute their own kindness every day, how better can the world be?

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