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A Convict Surprisingly Donated Her Kidney To A Police Officer Who Once Arrested Her

A Convict Surprisingly Donated Her Kidney To A Police Officer Who Once Arrested Her

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  • A former convict willingly donated her kidney to a cop who once arrested her. 

Heroes in real life are just more impressive than fictional ones. 

Take a look at this inspiring story a woman donates kidney to an officer who once arrested her, which proves that, indeed, there is still hope in humanity. 

A once high-profile criminal and a drug addict living in Alabama decided to donate her kidney for a needy patient. 

This act alone is already noteworthy, but there’s one more thing that caught everyone’s attention (including their hearts) 

This woman decided to donate her kidney to a cop who repeatedly arrested and jailed her in the past.  

Folks, let that sink in for a moment. 

Who Is This (Wonder) Woman? 

The woman behind this heroic act is Jocelyn James, a 40-year-old resident of Alabama, USA. But her life before that was far from being a hero; in fact, it was even worse than the life of a villain. 

Back then, she was a drug addict, involved in many break-ins, was included in her state’s’ “Most Wanted List,” and was arrested 16 times. 

woman donates kidney

But one day, she realized that she wanted to escape from this kind of life. 

But instead of going further into hiding, she decided to turn herself in to the authorities. 

She stayed in jail for six months, and even though it was painful, she knew it was the right thing to do. 

After that, she went into rehabilitation for nine months, which slowly but surely changed her life’s path.  

Today, Jocelyn James took a new role in life and is now helping women who are currently living the life she once lived. She desires to see them win and escape from the heavy struggles they are currently experiencing.  

Since getting out of rehabilitation, she has dedicated her life to this noble mission.  

But it appears that Jocelyn James’ would have to take one more important mission, and this time, it will take a bigger sacrifice. 

A Life-Saving Act From a Former Convict 

Police officer Terell Potter was the man responsible for putting Jocelyn James in jail almost ‘regularly.’ Whether it’s a drug or break-in related incident, these two fellows would surely meet each other’s path. 

But this was long ago. 

With the new life that she is living right now, James is certain that she wouldn’t encounter this man anymore. 

And she was wrong. 

While James was browsing on Facebook, she suddenly saw a face that was so clear and memorable to her. It was the face of a man she once hated: Terell Potter. 

She saw his face through the post of Potter’s daughter, which says that her father is in need of a kidney donor.  

At that moment, she is certain that seeing this post was not a mere coincidence — it was meant to happen.  

Without double-thinking, James immediately contacted Potter’s daughter to inform her that she is willing to donate her kidney. This was a ‘heaven-sent’ message, not just for Mr. Potter but also for his whole family.  

If not for this donation, Mr. Potter will have to wait for a grueling seven to eight years for a new kidney. 

The cop later admitted that he was totally surprised by the turn of events. He didn’t even expect that a kidney donation would come from the very person he used to bring inside the jail. 

Mr. Potter said that he was grateful to what Jocelyn James has unexpectedly done. He was thankful that God made her an instrument to provide him with a new lease in life.

A bond only GOD could form. Just wanted to update on how well my left kidney is doing.😂 This man is doing amazing he…

Posted by Jocelynn James Edmonds on Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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