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Chinese Live streamer Sold Over $300 Million Worth Of Items In A Single Day!

Chinese Live streamer Sold Over $300 Million Worth Of Items In A Single Day!

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  • Within 12 hours, a Chinese live streamer seller from China has sold more than 2 billion yen ($300 million+) worth of items! 
  • This amount of sales would actually take malls in Hong Kong a whole year just to reach it. 

Meet an amazing Chinese Live streamer!

A Chinese man that any malls and other retailers would surely envy. He is Xin Youzhi, a live streamer from China who is more popularly known as ‘Xinba.’ 

What’s really incredible about him is his ability, or should we say, his ‘superhuman ability’ to persuade buyers to buy his products ー immediately. The products he is promoting aren’t limited to a handful of categories as they range from beauty products, mattresses, gadgets, and a whole lot more. 

Chinese Live streamer

And with his talent for persuasive selling, he was able to make a name for himself and has achieved numerous and amazing feats when it comes to live-stream selling. One such great feat, and his latest, actually, was closing a $300 million worth of sales on his recent 12-hour live stream. 

Aside from this big amount of sales, there’s one more important thing to highlight in this achievement: It’s actually even bigger than what other malls in Hong Kong can sell in a year! Imagine the incredible talent that this man has! 

But live-stream selling was already a rapidly growing industry in China even before the Covid-19 hit the country and spread throughout the world. And since the pandemic began and numerous restrictions have been implemented, the demand and interest in live-stream selling have multiplied, which further pushed Xinba’s career (and sales) to new heights. 

Xinba’s persuasive talent

As he always likes to point out during his live streams, he wasn’t born rich and came to a family of farmers; that’s why he can resonate with most of his followers who came from the same background. 

And Xinba’s persuasive talent isn’t the only thing that his 40-million strong fans love about him. 

And through hard work and determination, he was able to rise from poverty and has established a name for himself in China. 

This is also the reason why he never forgets to give back and extend help to everyone who needs it the most. In fact, he was reportedly donated a large amount of money to the residents of Wuhan, China, to help them cope with the impacts of the pandemic. 


While Xinba has indeed gained millions of followers and achieved a lot of amazing feats in his live stream selling, he was also entangled in a recent controversy involving one of the products he had promoted. 

Kuaishou, the platform he is using to conduct his live-stream selling, imposed a 60-day suspension on him after reports have surfaced that an expensive Chinese delicacy he promoted, called ‘bird’s nest,’ was found to be fake. 

And since the ban was lifted, the ‘sales king’ was able to bounce back and stunned the world again, this time, not with controversy, but with a jaw-dropping sales record. 

Love Him Or Hate Him  

Xinba is definitely a popular and controversial figure rolled into one, and it’s arguably the reason why he never fails to suck the spotlight every now and then. 

And with his persuasive talent to sell just about anything and everything, he would definitely keep his millions of fans entertained and reach new heights in his career. 

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